Sunday, November 02, 2014

November 2014 Tip Jar (and an author who is a Gothy Muse)

Getting back to the Valley is hard, but I have posts upon posts hiding in the queue.

As we start at the beginning in the month, please hit the Tip jar to help.

Either hit the link or visit the sidebar.  A little support for the Valley goes a long way.

Now that the commercial is over, time to meet a Gothic Muse who can outthink you, her name is Nicole Sixx.

 She is an author, works with a famous director (This is Hollywood, discretion is best unless you live here, just like DC) and also frequents the Sunset Strip (there is a future post on the Strip coming up).  

Hip, cool and beautiful, here is the lovely Ms. Nicole Sixx!

Author AND Artist
Why You don't mess with Goths: Vampires by their side!
Nicole with Comic Writer Steve Niles
The Thin White Duke Today!
Author and Muse, the wonderful Ms. Sixx!
Here is her Amazon Page (Buy her books!) and website (and photo website)

Follow her on Twitter too!

And please hit the Tip jar!

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