Wednesday, January 21, 2015

A New Vision of the Valley for a New Day

Remember me?

Superman Returns, in Kingdom Come

After spending time trapezing in the Fifth dimension, fighting to get to the front of a train in the snow and following Death and the Four Horsemen in an alternate America, it was time to come back and write here.

Or actually, I have been doing some mundane work within my own life.  Choose your own story, but paragraph A is much cooler.

Please note that the top of the Valley has changed pictures and theme.

Soon I shall write about the State of the Union 2015 and how the Democratic Party and American society is equivalent to riding the Snowpiercer. a movie and why Governors Romney and Jeb Bush should not run but be available for a cabinet position instead.

I'm back ya'll!  Expect me to knock some sacred cows and open Pandora's box again.

Welcome back to the Valley!

And now, you know you love Point Break!

My question: What do you think of the new picture and theme on the top?

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