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The 12 Monkeys in Foreign Policy: Our President is Jeffery Goines and Our Spies are James Cole

When I geeked out to Star Wars back in the 70's, I found Star Trek (The Original Series), and then Doctor Who.  What sci-fi offers is a (hypothetical for now) trip to the Stars, to dystopias, and to other times.

Twelve Monkeys (1995) has been hailed as a film that gets concept of Time Travel (and Predestination Paradoxes) correct.  The movie touches on madness, reality and fate vs. free will.  And yet, even though the plague in the movie was fake, the current fires in foreign policy are just as bad. Both threaten to engulf humanity, what happens next?

Currently, the President, a Harvard Graduate (and legacy like President Bush before him), wanted to go to war against Assad and now ISIS.  It contradicts itself.  As shown in the full 60 Minutes interview:

Throughout the Bush Administration, the Democrats wanted out of Iraq (and Afghanistan too).  They saw the Republican President going to war as end, not a means to an end.  When the failed haberdasher, President Truman helped end the war, he left troops behind to help transition Europe and Japan into functioning Capitalistic Democracies.  And because the non-Ivy League, non-college educated Truman did that, the USSR was caught in check until it fell.

When President Obama campaigned on bringing the troops home (and the Democrats all fell in lockstep with the "Rush to War" bombings of Syria and Libya), there was no "endgame," planned for the region.

So long US troops, hello ISIS! Thank you Democrats, said ISIS!

And how do the Army of the 12 Monkeys fit in?

James Cole (Bruce Willis) is sent back in time to find a pure sample of the virus that kept humans off the surface.  He gets sent back to 1990 (6 years before it starts) and ends up in a sanitarium in Balltimore.  There, he meets Jeffery Goines (Brad Pitt), whose father creates diseases and Dr. Railly (Madeline Stowe), who treats him. 

He bounces through time and place eventually ending up in Philadelphia 1996.  A mysterious message was heard in the future, the most haunting scene is where Dr. Railly calls off-screen.  The quote:
  You... you left them a message?
  I couldn't resist.  I was so relieved.
  Wait'll they hear this nutty woman
  telling them...they better watch out
  for the Army of the Twelve Monkeys...

 Looking at her laughing face, 
 COLE is struck with horror as he realizes the truth! 
 He starts to recite...

  "The Army of the Twelve Monkeys --
  they're the ones who are going to do
  it.  I can't do anything more.  The
  police are watching me."

 Now she's stunned.
 She glances back and sees the phone booth twenty yards away.

  You... you couldn't have heard me.

  They got your message, Kathryn.  They
  played it for me.  It was a bad
  recording...distorted.  I didn't
  recognize your voice.

President Bush's strategy was to bottle up Iran and bring more Democracy, thus more peace, into the Middle East (When Thomas Friedman wasn't a hack, he wrote how Democracies don't make war on each other.  A theory I have always subscribed to, see Truman)  The Democrats heard the wrong message, Senator Obama was playing animal activist while the threat of the plague hung over the story.

Now throughout the Obama Administration, the President has ignored the intel briefings on the World.  Thus, any foreign policy that President Obama acted on, he had no sense of causality.  There was a plan to take out troops from Iraq, but there was no Mission Objectives in Afghanistan since 2009.  Thus, without a sense of causality or intel, the World started to burn this past summer.

Sun Tzu made it very clears that without Spies a State is defenseless  

Since the Church Commission, Democrats have made it very clear they don't trust Our Men and Women in the Dark. I do.  

President Obama thought he was smarter then the people extracting the information and only reacted when the news became bad on television. Cole in 12 Monkeys was the scientists spy into the past. 

Cole was a pawn by everyone save Railly.  They were the only ones talking Cassandra like about the danger of Jeffery Goines and the Army of the 12 Monkeys.  No one listened.  Jeffery Goines thought (due to his wealth and madness) he was better then everyone else in the movie; Whether in the Sanitarium or at the party. 

Because there are no Senator Baker's and Goldwater's in the current Democratic Party, there is no one to tell the President to read the Daily Briefing. There are no Goldwater, Rhodes and Scott in the current members of the Left.  Not since 1994. 

What is my solution?

Before the Presidential primary of either side, I would hope the members of the US Intelligence vet the candidate's foreign policy because the media did not (well, with the GOP they will).  If you are a member of that Industry, pleads note that since the Church commission, the Democrats use the members (like Cole was used by the scientists) and throw you away.  

Look here:

There is fire and embers from the Middle East, why is the President re-acting rather then taking the lead? 

My question: Can we now point and laugh at the Anti-Bush protests and Democrats and say their foreign policy endangers us all? (especially our men and women in the US Intelligence)

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