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Hate Speech in NoHo: #KPFK and Margaret Prescod share ISIS' views on Jews and GOP

Read this:

Sojourner Truth with Margaret PrescodAugust 20 · 

Ten Suggested Discussion Points for Unity

1. Reparations for African-Americans- support the John Conyers Bill H.R.40 Now! (Coates.)

2. Stop the war of genocide against Black America! A young black male was killed by an officer of the US law enforcement agencies every 36 hours alone in 2012, according to a study by the Malcolm X Grassroots Movement. This is Fascism “Amerikkkan” style. Killer cops must go! Stop police killings, brutality and harassment.

3. Fight back against the gentrification against African American working class communities by “globalized” universities, hospitals, and corporate contracting interests (developers).

4. Fight back against right wing (Tea Party) takeover of state governments in eliminating the right to vote particularly for African Americans and the elderly, and attacks against public sector workers and labor. Support “Moral Monday” in North Carolina, Georgia and other places.

5. Fight to save local autonomy (democracy) from corporate takeovers, right wing assaults by emergency fiscal managers appointed by governments (Detroit, Newark, NJ).

6. End all student debt now! (Past, present, and future.) Make education from K to post PhD free – if Cuba can do it, so can the U.S. Fight for academic freedom – 1500 colleges and universities in the US. 

7. Demand freedom for all US political prisoners! End the mass incarceration of African people. 

8. Demand affirmative action now in the construction industry and related organized unions – particularly in the private sector. (Read “Black Power at work”, Dubois, The Philadelphia Negro, pg 331-332)

9. Down with Zionism! Boycott Israel – the New Nazis of the 21st Century. Cut off funding to Israel.

10. Struggle against fundamentalism of all forms – Christian, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, Shintoism, etc. and Eurocentric Marxism.

And here is the Valley's response:

From the shadows of North Hollywood and the mind of a KPFK radio host, comes hate speech (again). For a person like Alan Minsky who wants to build coalitions, his morning crew seems set to destroy any chance of them.  For my candidates from San Pedro to Santa Clarita, every Democratic and Liberal candidate should learn about this "unity"

One thing I learned about "Unity," you give to get. AND don't sound like a Hater.  Look at all these requests.  Not one shows understanding of the other side. Not one amount of (as the song for her program ) "One Love,"  

Let's break a few of these down:

First, the most personal: Number 9.

How dare you Ms. Prescod?  Have you no shame?

Know who else shares your view about Jews? ISIS.

Allow me to quote:

ISIS has “not only stated intentions to form a caliphate, but named U.S. and Jewish people as targets specifically,” said John Cohen, who until earlier this year was an undersecretary for intelligence and analysis at the Department of Homeland Security. “There’s a significant threat to Jewish communities.”

When you compare Jews and Israel protecting themselves in the ONLY Jewish State in the world to Nazi's, you share the same political bedsheets as ISIS.   Every Jew killed within the sound of your radio show is on your hands.  The blood is yours.

You did not care if Yaakov Naftali, 16, Gilad Shaer, also 16, and Eyal Yifrah, 19 died.  They were taken from their homes and killed.  You claim to care for the youth, except for Jewish ones. Except for Israeli ones.  Hamas cheered every Israeli death, so do you.  

And let me refresh your history.  Remember "Land for Peace?"  Israel gave the Palestinian the land to build and grow their own country. The Gaza Strip has beaches and already built homes.  What did they do with it?

Send missiles into Israel with it. If the Gazans want a country, all they need is to build roads, schools and have elections.  And stop attacking their neighbors.  You wouldn't like it if someone threw bombs in your backyard everyday, especially if you gave them the nice house next door.

Tea Parties and the Right Wing: We're here, get used to it!

I see in number 4 you Hate the Right wing.  You Hate the Tea Party.

But in your show,

A) You never interview a Republican or Conservative or Local Tea Party Member;

B) Every time you bring up the Republicans, Conservatives or Tea party, you get it all wrong.  Even WBAI interviewed Ayn Rand.  Are you so scared of other ideas that you refuse to call up and discuss if a rumor is true?

Apparently your Hate wants the Tea Party (Fiscal Conservatives), Republicans (usually Establishment from DC fighting against the local groups) and Conservatives (You don't even know the branches Ms. Prescod) to stop being part of the American Polity.  That means if anyone of the Right goes to your website or FB page or Twitter, your issues are moot.

If you can't play nice with others (and that goes for my side too), don't expect any give.  If you live in America, you're going to have to meet us and speak to us.

Go back to Haiti if you Hate Jews and Republicans.

Watch this video:

No Unity on Racial Issues either

1,2,3,5,7 and 8 all deal with racial issues with a slant that does not say "Unity" but says "America is horrible, let's take from it,"

Now, some good issues are addressed among them: incarceration rates among African American boys and men.  Yes, I would rather that not happen. Before the 1968 social explosion, even if you protested you wore a shirt and a tie.

But Prescod also opposes business' entering poor areas.  OK Ms. Prescod (and Mr. Minsky), hire up the impoverished (such as those on Skid Row) at KPFK.  You don't want others doing it?  Government (local, state and national) is not filled with funds

If you Hate business', don't expect anyone to give funds for the fund drive. There is cultural rot all over, how do you stop the Gangs, the lack of Fathers, and the idea that the current Leadership of Democrats that do not care about these neighborhoods to make change?

Ms. Prescod, you don't want things to get better, you want to complain. 

I'm not even going into your support of Dictators everywhere and dancing on graves of people of the Right.  But this is America, we like fair play and Democracy.

I am willing to look at these issues (as a Pragmatist; 1,2,3,5,7,8 are ideals, what gives Unity? Nothing).  But what will be given in return?

Ms. Prescod, Mr. Minsky, what are either of you doing for "Unity" in America? NOTHING.  

The hate speech on Pacifica is getting known.  Try being nice next time.

My question: Ms. Prescod is an immigrant from Haiti, yet she never reaches out to those who thinks differently.  Why? 

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