Monday, September 30, 2013

President Obama and Senator Reid yelled "Shark!" when they meant "Parrot!"

[I have been away working on the Ground here in the Southland -- Apologies for dropping out of the Blogosphere]

Here is a quote from a Great Movie:

As I mentioned earlier, Senator Harry Reid is Yog-Sothoth  (from a Strossian Laundry series standpoint); In Charles Stross' Laundry series, an offshoot of the British Intelligence tries to stop people from using codes and numbers to call up nasty creatures from Lovecraftian depths.

And since Senator Reid took over as Majority Leader, he refused on many occasions to pass Appropriation bills in favor of Continuing Resolutions.

Had Senator Reid and the majority Democeats in the Senate followed throuh with the FULL Appropriations process, we would not have the "Sequester," nor would we be where we are today.

And here is a lesson for the Senate Majority Leader on how to pass Budgets:

Now, if you know the other party is standing on Principle (as is the Republicans) on a law it doesn't like, calling them "crazy," and denying their view is not going to win you any friends.

After the rhetoric of how Democrats acted in the streets and in the Congress during the Bush Administration, the laws of Civility are on hold until someone remembers that History did not begin on 1/20/09.  And like Newton's Third Law, their actions (especially President Obama not picking up the phone to Speaker Boehner and the Tea Party Caucus but with Iran!) then and now cause reactions.

Sorry Democrats and media, you don't get to call the Republicans tune anymore.

Yes, the Republicans oppose Obamacare.  But, my late father always said: Bring something to the table.  The House GOP has done that, where is President Obama's and Senator Reid's counter-offer?

Allow me a quick two tales on how this can go:

1) One post I wrote here in the Valley upset my friend Charly.  We emailed back and forth and it took a semi-colon to save face for everybody.  Charly and I discussed through emails why it did not work and what she was looking for and what I was looking for, everybody won. She clearly valued friendship.

2) Another post I wrote here cited my ex-friend (her choice) Marie.  I cited her for her beauty in a political post. She cut me off because she valued partisanship over friendship.  I have always been available to talk too.  I write directly from my brain to the brightness of Cyberspace.

End of Tale) Always, always, always, as with Charly above, I have said: if there is an issue talk with me. Talking  (or emailing or trying to hash out differences) was a bridge too far for Marie.   Just because I am active partisan does not mean I am not a person.  

Moral of the Story) Now the Democrats can either play the role of Charly (a cool person who valued getting things done) or Marie (who scored points at a friendship's expense).

If the Democrats are trying to score points at the Republicans expence, here is some news:

The House passed the Continuing Resolution;
The Senate needs to pass theirs;
And Senator Reid needs to call a Conference Committee.

Either we can disagree agreeably or the Rhetoric amps up even higher (to the detriment of us all).

My question: What do the Democrats gain by angering the Republicans? 

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