Tuesday, October 01, 2013

Zombie Apocalypses and Conference Committees: How Democrats Lost the Argument

Well, the Government has shut down and there is no Lovecraftian Nightmare rising from the depths.  The Earth is still spinning and America will still wake up on Tuesday Morning.

Still not happening on Tuesday

Let's wind back the clock a bit:

When Obamacare passed, it was a pure Democratic Party Bill (H: 220 - 215 ; S: 60-39  111th Congress).  When the Bill passed, it was over 2,000 pages long with Speaker Pelosi saying "We have to pass it to see what is in it,"  

Then came the revolt of the Tea Party, fiscal based Conservatives (and regular citizens) who opposed the Bill, worked within the system to get members elected to Congress.  Those Congress members were elected to oppose the Obamacare bill and the Democratic Party hypocrisies.

Yet, Democrats view Republicans as Zombies, but Modern Democrats ARE Zombies.

How are Modern Democrats like Zombies?

 Literally, from the rise of Governor Palin (if not the years of President George W. Bush) to the Tea Party until even a few hours ago on the Hill, the Democrats bargaining position has been to act like Zombies.  They would rather attack the personal then find ground to negotiate policy.

Would you want to work with someone who harangues you for a mistake that they did (not passing budgets, passing a law that changes America by many degrees with only party line votes and  not picking up the phone to work out differences)? 

Would you want to work with someone who spends all their demonizing you ( If you can't say a good word about Speaker Boehner AND President Obama, you demonize!)?

And finally:

Could you work with someone who so demonizes your Moderates (McCain and Romney) then refuses to acknowledge others vote for their opponents that they refuse to talk to you?

At least Zombies are open about destroying you; Democrats want diversity on the outside but none of thought (Don't believe me: Ask Former Senator Lieberman who was thrown out of the party for working across the aisle).  Zombies move slow and their only goal is destruction (Speak to Governor Palin on how Obama supporter Andrew Sullivan treated her -- hence why I wait for apologies from Democrats for their rhetoric on war on women if they cannot even kick out Sullivan).  

Zombies spread by virtue of their bites; Democrats have spent time since the election mocking those state and constituents that don't vote Democrats.  Zombies at least don't care who you are, Democrats do. 

Nut up or Shut Up Senator Reid!

Senator Reid and President Obama have one thing to do to stop the shut down: 

That's it.  

And stop insulting Republicans and Tea Party members -- you'd be surprised at how fast things get done.

My question:  How will the Democrats learn to not act like Zombies and be civil with Republicans if they want things done?

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  1. Love the spin, dude. As a matter of fact, the Democrats called for a budget conference more than a dozen times and were repeatedly turned by...you guessed it, the Republicans. Here is the link:


    The simple fact is that Tea Party faction of the Republican Party has no interest in compromise. They are ideologically pure and determined to make the Republican Party bow to their demands. The Democrats had to learn after the twin fiascoes of George McGovern and Jimmy Carter but eventually it lead to Bill Clinton, a master centrist politician. The Republicans will have to learn the same lesson.

    The Republicans are playing to their partisans and many of the most conservative members of the House are in "safe" districts (meaning no credible Democratic challengers) so they were elected to not compromise. Good for them; I hope this continues. This stance will further erode the independent, uncommitted vote for the Republicans and coupled with the advantage the Dems already have in the Black, Hispanic, and Female demographics you actually have the makings of generational minority party. It will get even worse if the Tea Party gets fed up with the more moderate members of its caucus and splits the Republican Party in two.

    To answer your question, why should we? It has been the stated aim of the Republican caucus to make "Obama a one-term President" and promised to thwart his legislative agenda at every turn. They have now voted 41 times to repeal the ACA even though when it was first promulgated by Mitt Romney the Heritage Foundation extolled the virtues of the exchange that lies at the heart of the plan and the mandate was originally put forth by the Republican Party when they were fighting the Clinton Healthcare overhaul attempt AND it was the price that was asked for by the insurance companies in order to allow people with re-existing conditions to have coverage. Now, those things are demonized by the same people when it was their idea that lauded them. Hard to have a civil debate in that case.

    It is also hard to have a civil debate when an attempt was made to have a "Grand Bargain" and the Democratic President offered major cuts in Social Security, Medicare/Medicaid in return for a easing of the tax cuts that have been given to corporations and the wealthy. He got major shit from the Left wing of his party, but the Republicans embraced the savings but refused to talk or negotiate on the revenue side. It is all or nothing with this Republican Party.

    The art of governing needs 2 sides that understand the art of compromise (remember, the art of compromise is to enable both sides to claim victory while not getting all they want) to have a dialogue. From where I sit, the Republican Party is acting like a bunch of spoiled children sitting in a sand box, surrounded by all the play ground toys refusing to let anyone play because they want to only play by their rules. If they keep it up, the American public may just decide to say "No more" and leave them sitting there...winning the battle, but with no one to play with, thus losing the war.


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