Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Resolutions 2014

As the sands of 2013 roll out, let me at least tell you some goals I have for 2014. 

I got into Pragmatic Politics as a means of getting things done. There is a reason I read Sun Tzu "The Art of War," and have studied up on Chess again; I know where I stand ideologically and have fought to defend it against my own on the Right and the Left.  I want my ideas and ideals made real, that requires many tools.

One of which is waiting for a personal Chess piece to move.  Once that Chess piece moves (and makes my life a little easier), the writing will flow again.

First some resolutions.....

  1. Fix my teeth and fix my eyes -- it will upgrade some charisma points; 
  2. Go swimming in a local Gym -- I have a belly, time for it to exit.  And swimming doesn't feel like exercise, just Zen.
  3. Drink some more V8 again.  Quick health in a drink;
  4. Write off-blog -- either non-fiction or fiction as a book. A smart Muse I know is published and I read her book.  That inspired me. 
  5. Find some steady writing and/or analysis gig;
  6. Keep cleaning -- I have lots of books and lots of clutter to clean; and 
  7. Take a class in Stage Acting.  Why? For what I need in the Political realm, I need to learn how to walk into a room and hold it. Watch any Shakespeare play and understand.
Now, the goals:
  1.   Find a Muse.  
  2. Travel back to Washington, DC for a class at the Leadership Institutre and visit friends on Capitol Hil and around the Beltway;
  3. Rise within RPLAC and the CAGOP;
  4. Take a trip to see San Diego again; Politics, beaches and Filippi's Pizza Grotto!
  5. Meet Stan Lee; I would love to have a date with the beautiful Bai Ling, and ride a sailboat on the Pacific Ocean facing the Southland coast. 
  6. Run for an election if a spot opens around here (a low position, I'm not running for Mayor anytime soon); and
  7. Stay close to my friends and family.  Without them, I could not write for you.

Thanks for reading.  I should be back to the Valley very soon.

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