Thursday, December 22, 2011

Would You Care for Some Tea? How the Tea Party Beat #OccupyWallStreet

As I am a Doctor Who fan, we have to start with this video:

Now that winter's coming and Election 2012 is rising, we can look back and laugh at the Occupy crowds.

The Tea Party has them beat for the next few cycles.  Why?

Let's start with The Daily Show's take first:

For a group that cares about the "99%" I'm not hearing solutions for the "99%,"

From the news of the Occupy Oakland, it seemed it was not about the Middle Class but causing riots; In Occupy LA, its not about the poor, but about owning the real estate in front of City Hall (for free!).

Meanwhile, in Election 2010, the tea Party groups got organized and took over the local levels of the GOP (seen here in Los Angeles in many places).

Anyone can get to a Tea Party event, you didn't need a tent. 

And ironically, the Left who spent two decades complaining about Social Conservatives could not stand these Fiscal Conservatives.  Conservatives come in a few flavors, hating on both makes you a plain Hater -- not a partisan who can things done.

When you call for a Jacobin Revolution, the words of John Lennon need to ring forth:

During the time of Occupy, I didn't see new people (i.e. Independents and Republicans) join up, I saw the same folks who spent 8 years Hating (there's that word again) President Bush over Saddam Hussein. (Side question: Where were the anti war protesters during the rush to war without Congressional Authorization with Libya? Hypocrites)

The Tea Party movement brought in independents and Democrats who questioned "Where was their Government going?"  No revolutions here, just people who wanted their Government to not Overreach.  That's it.

Time magazine (the folks who hired Anti Bush, Anti Palin and Anti Israel writer Fareed Zakaria) decided to make this year's Person of the Year, the Protester. 

Daleks have more capability to create things then the Occupy crowd (yes, the Daleks are fictional but the Truth remains what have the Occupiers done for the 99%?  Anything? Bueller?). The Tea Partiers changed the Republican party back to a Fiscal Conservative one -- the Occupiers were pawns of President Obama.  

Yes, pawns.  let me show you:

From Reuters September 1, 2011 (Fourteen days before Occupy Wall Street started):

"About a quarter of the $18 million Romney raised in the second quarter came from the financial sector, while 4.4 percent of the $48 million Obama's campaign raised came from that group, according to the Center for Responsive Politics.

Employees at the five biggest U.S. banks made the list of Romney's top 20 donors, while just Goldman Sachs made it onto Obama's contributor roll.
Wall Street money has been moving away from Obama and Democrats since 2010, in part fueled by Obama's harsh criticism of banks and financial overhaul legislation he signed last year, which banks say is burdensome."

Something Liberals and Media do not understand: We on the Right support the flow of Commerce.  Turn on KPFK and hear what Liberals really think about business. Hint: They don't support them.  

I await the day the Occupy folks actually do something for the poor, while the Tea Party is taking Government off of people's back. 

Maybe the Occupiers can find where the Anti-war protesters went?

My question: Why do the Occupy people want to attack business' rather then President Obama?  Are they in his pocket?

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