Sunday, December 04, 2011

Doctor Who -- Destiny of the Daleks

Even though the Santa Ana winds struck me with "Bloggers Writers Block,"  I still try to write.  The serious post: American Dystopia, is still being written. 

We are inching closer to my Birthday (and Iowa caucus Time), so I am prepping for next year.

Tonight, enjoy Destiny of the Daleks! 

Four things to note: Look at the Movellens -- this episode was done in 1980, so yeah, very Ziggy Stardust.

And two, Lalla Ward who plays Romana II used to be married to Tom Baker (Fourth Doctor) and is now married to Richard Dawkins. (Dawkins was in "The Stolen Earth," )

Three, Douglas Adams of Hitchhikers Guide fame crafted this season.

And four, there are some Daleks in this episode.  Keep your eyes peeled!

So, whilst I set the pieces in place,  enjoy the Destiny of the Daleks! 

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