Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Year 2012!

Last post of the year (On day 2, the best of 2011 will be published along with an Endorsement of whomever is in the Primary).

If you're here, and nothing to do tonight (I'm going to the Monte Cristo, as always) enjoy this movie (and have a great 2012).

Desperado by Robert Rodriguez

From Crackle: Desperado

If you're reading this part, this is just some goals I want to achieve in 2012. 

Ready? Go!

  1. With Chairman Del Beccarro: I want to work doing New Media (and other work) at the Magnolia Office of the California Republican Party.  
  2. With Chairwoman Hauter: lead RPLAC's new media attack on the Democrat establishment in Los Angeles 
  3. With National Committeeman Shawn Steel: In Tampa next August, I want to be a California Delegate and New Media. 
  4. That Right in the Dark becomes known (Thanks in advance Robert McCain and Lady of the Manners)
  5. Stop Couch surfing and find my own place along the Miracle Mile
  6. Own an iPad2, Internet phone and/or laptop with more memory
  7. Find a beautiful Muse to be with.  
OK, that's it! I going out! have a Happy new year and may 2012 bring you all your dreams and goals!

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