Monday, December 12, 2011

Three Questions for Ron Paul Supporters

I have not chosen my candidate yet. 

But I do have questions for Ron Paul supporters. 

My rules are simple: answer the 3 questions, stay on topic, and explain why I should support your candidate.

Ready, let's go!

1)  Earlier this year, Rep. Paul said if we was not the Republican nominee for President, he would not vote any other nominee for that positionI have already detailed how Rep. Paul has gone against President Reagan -- my question is simple: Will you follow Rep. Paul and go against the Republican nominee if he is not the nominee? Why should any Republican follow your lead when loyalty counts little to him?

Find me quotes by Paul Election staffers that contradict that.  And tell me what you will do this November 2012.

2) I am a Jew and I believe whomever is President, Israel needs to supported against the many enemies from the Muslim Brotherhood to Hamas -- President Obama has already shown his back to the Israelis, will Rep. Paul support our First Democratic Ally in the Middle East? Or will he follow President Obama's lead?

When you answer this, I need Congressional record and campaign statements please. (With quotes and dates, thank you)

3) For Republicans to win in 2012, funds and people must be invested.  To flip California, the GOP must work in Los Angeles (and give funds to CRP and RPLAC) -- will Rep. Paul support Republican candidates here in the LA basin whether he is the nominee or not? 

Don't tell me that "Rep. Paul has plans...," Link and quote them. 

OK Paul people, convince me!

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  1. 1) If Ron Paul is not the republican nominee, I will not blindly support whomever is selected as the GOP nominee. That does not mean I'll be voting for Obama. Every individual needs to see who will make this country better and not allow more Americans to be killed invading other countries.

    There are numerous video clips on YouTube where the media had asked him who would he support if he is not nominated. He says he would not support anyone unless that person can reassure him that the chosen nominee will not continue the same policies that has bankrupted the country.

    You don't need quotes from Paul Election staffers, hear from the man himself.

    Voting for the lesser of the two evils is the true waste of the vote.

    Should you vote for more wars or should you vote for bankrupting the country. Those are the choices if Ron Paul is not the nominee.

    2) Ron Paul says that he will stop all foreign aid to all countries not just Israel. Which also mean's he is not following President Obama's lead, who is still continuing to give foreign aid to Israel. So your question is misleading.

    And Israel can defend herself from Netanyahu's own words

    We need to bring our troops home.

    3) First we have to examine why California is broke in the first place. It is broke because of over spending, over taxation, the poor becoming poorer who can't invest in California’s economy, rising prices for everything, inflation of the dollar, and high lawsuit attitude of its people.

    How Ron Paul will help will be to get rid of the FED or limit its powers and restore the value of the dollar. And you can find many insistences he had said this. He will reduce the federal government and take away regulations that forces states to give money to programs the state does not need. But that's just the tip of the ice berg (i.e. the housing bubble busting).

    I'm pretty sure; you already had the answers you were expecting to get from a Ron Paul supporter. If you are expecting a politician to agree 100% with your view, just look in a mirror. I'm pro-choice, but his pro-life stance isn't going to stop me from supporting him. He is the only one trying to break the status-quo and fix the system.


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