Saturday, December 31, 2011

Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina: How to save the Republic (and Republicans) in One Move

The Earth spins and some months have more important spins then others.

In a few days, the Iowa caucuses begins and then comes the New Hampshire and finally the South Carolina Primary.

Or, in other words, Welcome to Primary Election 2012! 

The Iowa caucuses are under attack from the Occupy Movement and others who want to put their hands on the scales.

Because I know Iowans and New Hampshirites are pragmatic and smart (hence, they are the first in the nation every four years), there is a way for them to strike a blow for "Local Yokels," over Establishment Republicans (like National Review -- not reliable Wm. F. Buckley Conservatives).


First in the Nation!

The great thing about the Iowa caucuses is that they are run by their local County leaders.  Yay!

In the mix of Iowa are Social Conservatives who can go for Senator Santorum (RS McCain's favorite candidate) -- but might I suggest those in the Straw poll write in Governor Sarah Palin?

I trust you folks in Iowa; While Democrats and Republican Establishment types want to break your Caucus -- I say, you earned it.  

And might I suggest every Iowa Party Representative check voter names at the door.  Zombie Occupiers and Vampire establishment types will try to disrupt. 

The Iowa caucus is important. 

Please write in "Governor Sarah Palin," in all 99 Counties.  

You will receive many thanks for this Californian! 

New Hampshire

First Primary in the nation!

To the First Primary people, I know you're going to vote for your favorite Son, Governor Romney (we're not big fans of him here in California because he hired Meg Whitman's staff).  However, for those who want to break the tide, write in Governor Sarah Palin.  

Again, please write in Governor Sarah Palin.

And if you see DatechGuy in your neck of the woods, get him a Fez! 

South Carolina

Even though we here in the Southland have little sway in the Republican party, I know you folks in the Carolina's do. 

Just like I told the Iowans and New Hampshirites, please write in Governor Sarah Palin. 

Why do this? 

Here are my three reasons,:

  1. She is not caught on video throughout the multiple debates.  I live in LA; And if you do not know what AVID is, let me put it simply: The White House, Democrats and their Media allies can edit all of those debates as they see fit.  Again, by not participating, no one can attack Palin's words or edit them.
  2. The Left and their media allies have attacked her person, her Governorship and her family.  To be crude here, they have "shot their wad," in attacking her.  She still stands.  The other candidates (save for Speaker Newt) have no idea how the media will play handmaiden to the Obama Administration next year.  She was in the line of fire -- she survived.  Help her.
  3. The Establishment Republicans want a Moderate Republican.  That Moderate republican is Governor Romney (with his Meg Whitman staff). In 08, the Republicans put forth a Moderate named Senator McCain and he got no support from the same media that wails: Where are the Moderate republicans?  This year, trust not the establishment.  Write in Governor Sarah Palin.

My final message:

Please write in Governor Sarah Palin in your State.  She can win a general. 

Romney is McCain writ large.  

My question: Who do you plan to support this Primary season?

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