Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Fixing Illegal Immigration: The Hard Way

Everyone is looking at the symptoms and not the cause.

Illegal Immigrants are all throughout Los Angeles and other states (like Arizona), some of them are the nicest of people.  G-d bless 'em, all they want is to help their families get a better life.  You can't hate on people trying to do that.

But by looking at fixing illegal immigration is the wrong way. 

Here is my answer: Stop the criminal and corrupted elements in Mexico and make it a fiscal and crime free haven for families and people to live.

That's the pitch, here's the script for it:

Crime is rampant along the border because of the cartels and corruption
This Administration will not do anything about it (neither did the last one, but President Bush was friends with his equal across the Border), so let's plan it for a President Palin Administration.  (Go on, laugh, Reagan was laughed at too in the 70's).
There will be a breaking point with the Border; An American (or multiple) will be hurt or killed and then action will be desired.  Think Stanford in Marvel Comics Civil War. 
As always, Democrats and Liberals will say "No to any (Republican) War!"  But these are the same people who were quiet when President Clinton did not go to the UN to bomb the Yugoslavs.  The Anti-war people are quiet on the drone attacks in Afghanistan right now. 
The anti-war people don't hate wars.  They hate Republicans.  And Liberals will side with Foreign Dictators first over an American Republican President every time.  
Hopefully, our friends in the dark and the military will have a plan (based on Iraqi Nation Building) to go into Mexico and clean it from top (The Government) to Bottom (The cartels).  Since Mexico is a neighbor, the whole process should take 6 years.  And we establish Military bases on both sides of the Border to keep the peace. 
And on the domestic front: have the Feds legalize Pot for Bar use only (just like drinking and driving), and have the DEA work with State Government too to make it safe.  In Pot bars, it can be taxed, but you can't go to work or drive any car afterwords.
And by the time America leaves Mexico, the corruption and the cartels will be gone and thus, Mexicans will feel at home, again, safe with their families, in Mexico.
My question: What is your solution? Would this plan work? 
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