Saturday, November 13, 2010

Bringing Reagan Country back to Los Angeles: Here's How to Support the Valley

First, a hat tip to Doctor Who fan/Axis of Fedora newswriter/Political Blogger DaTechGuy for letting me copy the idea and also Gary Aminoff for signing off on this. 

My skills are in Writing, Researching Lobbying and Event PlanningYou can hire me (or my Blog) for any of these subjects. 

And this post will give Ad rates for the Valley as well.

Why do I say "Bring back Reagan Country?"  Los Angeles was won by Governor Reagan a month before I was born, and I am determined to make it happen again. 

While I am working on that project, here are some ways to help me help you so I can help myself. 

Remember, my view is from a Conservative Republican (with a Social Libertarian streak) who is Jewish, Goth and an activist.  I can write reports neutrally (not posts), but I err on the Right. 

Hit the Tip Jar to Pay.
Email me beforehand, and I will send a receipt email that I have received payment.  

Let's go rate by rate:

Posts on the Valley

$30    One Post

$60    Two Posts

$90    Three Posts

$120   Theme for Week of posts

Research papers

$150     Issue Study
             3-5 pages

$150     Regional Electoral and Political Race Study
             3-5 pages **

$750     How to win on issue or Political race.         
              5 - 10 Pages

$500     Both Research (Issue/Region + Winning) papers   
             9 - 15 pages

** If you are away from the Southland, let us discuss Transportation and Hotel with Wi-fi.  I will need access to local Politicos for answers. 

Event Planning

$350  Plan a One or Two Tier event for your organization (+10% net ticket sales)

$1000 - $1500  Plan and set up Two or Three Tier event for your organization  (+10% net ticket sales)


$150  Issue Study
          3-5 pages

$500   Issue study + How to win
           9 - 15 pages

$2000 (Stipend) +500 (Fee)  Federal Issue Study (+ winning) with face to face interviews on Capitol Hill **
** When I am based in DC for your project, I stay at the Hotel Harrington.  I fly into Dulles the weekend before to shake off any Jet Lag for Monday and Tuesday.

Advertising in the Valley

Until Blog Ads takes up the Valley, these are my rates. 

You can sponsor different parts of the sidebar or get an individual place determined by how long you want to be hosted by the Valley.

All Pay Pals paid after Ad is up, at the beginning of your cycle.

$50      Daily Rate

$100    Weekly Rate

$200     Month to Month rate

$800     Six Month rate

When I start doing speeches in Los Angeles, then I will add those fees as well.

Thank you all for participating. 
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