Thursday, November 18, 2010

The First Annual Mike Murphy Rotten Orange Award

First, let's get in the mood for this award:

Bad Religion, Los Angeles is Burning (live)

These awards are for those individuals or groups who made Election 2010 a midnight shoot-out rather then a surf on the Red Tidal wave going through the country.  Everyone who gets this award tonight will also be given a way to get out of this for the next Election cycle.  

Tonight, these awards will be handed out by Lindsey Lohan (betwen courthouses and rehabs).

Fitst, Mike Murphy, campaign consultant andwho the award is named for, gets the first award.  Why?  Let's start at wrote this:

"...[T]he demographics of America are changing in a way that is deadly for the Republican Party as it exists today. A GOP ice age is on the way."

He wrote that in 2009, ready to say "there is no more GOP,"  Well Mr Murphy, some of us have been fighting while you live fat and happy in the Hollywood Hills.  You sold out Poizner for Meg Whitman's dough and you never work with the Movement Conservatives or the on-the-ground folk.  Getting 15%  for every Meg Whitman on the air, plus your usual fees doesn't make you rich, it makes you a Judas

(And if anyone has his address, I know a few Southland Republicans who would like to knock on his door)

For Mike Murphy to get out of the doghouse, all he has to do is a simple thing: Donate 75% of his Meg Whitman commercial Money to every Los Angeles Central Committee and the LAGOP on December 11th, 2010.  If he doesn't, well, it will be the second annual Mike Murphy Rotten Orange awards in 2012. 

Our next winner of the Rotten Orange is Meg Whitman herself.  She never had the decency to visit any Los Angeles club (neither County nor San Fernando nor the Westside).  I brought up that fact to Maya Buki (who shares this award) and it was not factored in.  Dissing the locals, going negative at the beginning of the Primary are bad things.  Not showing up in Los Angeles to campaign until a month before is even worse. Buying up every ones support is the weak way of winning; Earn it. 

And when the fall of the Southland Fundraiser is written after Thanksgiving, it will point back to these two women

For Meg Whitman, if she stays out of California and national political life forever, I will accept that as an apology.  In any Republican Administration, be an Ambassador to somewhere cold.  For Maya Buki, get away from Whitman and help other deserving women candidates in the Southland (I know a few, all good people).  Find an Assembly candidate first, have her win, then work it. 

Next on the list is the Governator.  After using the Party structure to get elected during the recall and again in 2006, how does he re-pay the activists?  By completely ignoring them and making California's fiscal situation worse.  He is not loyal to anyone but himself.  How much effort and time was wasted by the CRP backing the Governator's schemes?  How about we keep the Governors away from the party structure unless they earn it?!  We all got dragged down by him and he never even came out to support any Los Angeles club. 

If the Governator shows up for the Los Angeles County Party meeting on December 11, 2010 and supports all the clubs with a large check, then we can put him in our history books.  Until then, the Governator should remain Persona non Grata

This next one hurts, because, I, individually, expected this person to stand up and help me with the Southland Fundraiser even in it's darkest times: Chairman Ron Nehring

I knew him as former College Republican Chair at SUNY-Stonybrook, after I converted from being a Democrat to a (then) Liberal Republican. As I spent the past two years, online and off, trying to promote Los Angeles as a battleground, a phone call would have made the differenceHad he picked up the phone and said what I needed to do to make it a reality (or help me work with the New media for the Southland after the fundraiser fell), I would be more forgiving.

But, nothing. 

I will tell all my Blogger friends from one of this fruited plain to the other to not endorse Ron Nehring for RNC Chair at any time.  I will send this message out far and wide

How to get out of the doghouse?  My birthday party is on December 18, 2010.  Show up for the first act and convince me to support you in your cause, and make damn sure you support me in my future endeavors, and we will have an agreement.  If silence, then no support.  Ever.

And finally, the out of stater who gets the Rotten Orange: 
Former Speaker Nancy Pelosi, currently of Washington, DC, by way of  San Francisco and Baltimore.  She does nothing for California, The water runs dry in the Central valley, as speaker, she nothing.  Good thing the Democrats kept her as leader or Election 2012 for the House would be harder. 

Someone help Lindsey Lohan off the stage! 

My question: Who do you think hurt California and Los Angeles' chances for Election 2012?

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