Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Election Day 2010 Live-Blog


The party will be closing soon and I'll find the CA #'s in the AM.

Alaska has closed their polls -- should be interesting.

Lawrence O'Donnall and Chris Matthews look very glum.

So far: GOP 245 seats in the House; 190 for the D's.


Merlin's speech!

"Los Angeles has heard us tonight! We have awoken Los Angeles county tonight!"

He will make a great Congressman.


Speaker Boehner's speech from earlier:

9:37PM Don't believe the CA numbers yet, nothing has been brought to the California Sec of State's office.

The GOP owns the House! Buh-bye Pelosi!

Long night ahead.

Time for a song:


Senator Kirk (R) has taken former Senator Obama's seat!

That, ladies and gentlemen is a bellweather.

The CA #'s have not shown up yet....a long night ahead in the Southland.

Gov. Nikki Haley won in SC -- I dare someone to call her a RAAAAACIST!

9:02PM Update

I have a laptop that continueally wants to update....OY!

Merlin Froyd entered to a hero's welcome!

Here is a help for my friends on the Left side of the aisle:

Stop blaming everyone but yourselves.  Look in the mirror. 

When you yell at the voting public and insult them, you Goldsteins, you lose. 
When you create American Emmanuel Goldsteins, you lose;
Love your opponents (i.e. Republicans, Conservatives and Tea Partiers), and be humble, you might learn something.. 

8:30 Update:

HELLLOOOOO Studio City!  I will write for food!  (Hit the Tip Jar)

From my seat, I can see Fox and MSNBC.

Here's a hint, MSNBC, everyone looks dejected.  On Fox, the debate with Juan Williams and Brit Hume is fiery.  Good!

WI has Senator Johnson (R) flipping the seat.

PA has Toomey ahead

And in the Southland, Fiorina is ahead!


I'm on my way to Studio City -- enjoy this video by Depeche Mode!

7:10PM Out-take 2:

I mentioned in this Blog post, all the excuses the Leftists will have tomorrow.  As long as they are whinging about Election 2000 Overtime, their time in office as a majority is limited. 

In 2009, there were no anti-war rallies;
In 2010, there were no anti-war rallies;

Whenever an African American Conservative or Republican, the Leftists never look for RAAAAACISTS within THEIR ranks.

Watch this video, learn something:

What the general voting public learned is something we Partisans knew: Democrats don't believe what they preach to us. 

7:00PM Out-take

What's going on? Simple, the Governor's are going Left, and the Senate and House will flip.

MA is turning into a battleground. When I get hired by the California Republican Party, I will help make CA (and Los Angeles a Battleground)  

Those who don't call the voting public "Stupid, crazy or raaaacists," seem to do well.   Wonder why?

And happily, Alan Grayson (D) had an EPIC FAIL --  stop considering the GOP "enemies," but opponents. 


WV elects Senator Manchin (D) for Senator Byrd's seat


DE elects Senator Coons (D)

AR elects Senator Boozman (R) flipping the seat

IN elects Senator Coats (R)

6:15: Let's go over the early wins....

KY chooses Senator Rand Paul

FL chooses Senator Marco Rubio

All Times Pacific Standard Time

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 5:50PM: Let's start with a video:

(h/t to CQ for helping me with tonight)

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