Sunday, November 07, 2010

Fisking 60 Minutes 11/7/10 Edition

What is the score? 
10 Stories for the Democrats and 2 Ties, but 0 (yes, ZERO) stories from the Conservative, Republican or Tea party point of view. 
Tonight, there is only one story to fisk, and guess which one?
The story about Manny Pacquiao was great and inspiring. Bob Simon told a good story here, nothing to fisk, but a it's nice to say, "Good tale to tell,"
But story 1) Post Election Interview with Steve Kroft was interesting. 
Keep Steve Kroft on for the next season, he actually understood the Republican and Tea Party arguments against President Obama.  Wow.  Just f'ing wow. 

However, Steve Kroft only questioned the words of the President and not the actions he has done.  Steve Kroft began to speak "Truth to Power," but he (or his producers) go week-kneed.  Kroft could have compared campaign rhetoric of 08 with actions during 09 and 10. 
Kroft could have asked about President Obama's rhetoric during the campaign; Kroft has gotten part of what I'm doing here., so hooray CBS news for reading the Valley, but Boo! on you for not going further when a Democrat is in error. 
At some point, there is corruption among Democratic officeholders in the White House and the 111th Congress, when will 60 Minutes investigate those?  If not, then I should stop now and declare (as we do in the Blogosphere) an EPIC FAIL
To any CBS Producer or writer, my challenge is simple: Hunt down corruption in this Administration before you investigate any new House member. 
How do I score this?
10 produced stories for the Left - 2 1/2 Ties - 1/2 point for the Right. 
It's a step.  Now improve
And please get rid of Andy Rooney!  He is 120 years old and does not understand words like "Technological Singularity," "Goth," or "tea partier,"  I already wrote who should replace him.
See you next week!
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