Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thanksgiving 2010

I want to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving!

So, what am I thankful for?

1)    I am thankful I have a great family who has been there for me during these hard times.  One day, I want to be there for them.  So, thanks Mom and Sis.  Two of the greatest people I know!

2)    I am thankful that I am friends rich (but money poor -- not thankful for that),; I have friends in all walks of life.  From Capitol Hill staffers, to Bloggers, Candidates, politicos, Goths, musicians, actors and actresses.  I wouldn't trade anyone I know -- I am proud of everyone who is my friend.

3)     I am thankful for living in Los Angeles.  Where else can you walk a few blocks and see someone filming and a few blocks later, see a music band practicing?  The artistic canvas that is Los Angeles is a great place to politic.  Rather then integrate intro a system, those who help win here will be able to leave their mark.  I am writing an article and book, so stay tuned.  I am the Luke Skywalker here

4)   I am thankful for the readers on my Blog and those Bloggers  who link here.  Without you, I would be a guy talking to myself, but with an audience, I get feedback.  I want to thank those who work in our intelligence agencies, they work in the dark without thanks, so "thank you!"  I am thankful that we have elections every year, the people speak in America and, whether I agree with them or not, I listen and learn.  The people are smarter then anyone gives them credit for. 

5)     I am thankful for living in the United States, one of the greatest countries in the world.  Some of the greatest people I know are from here, moved here or were inspied by what America stands for.  America is a great place, I cannot see why it is hated.  We have some of the most idealistic and giving people here.  And I love America no matter whom is President. 

6)  And finally, thank you! 

Enjoy your Turkeys, Turducken or Tofurkey with your friends and family!

My question: What are you thankful for? 
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