Monday, November 15, 2010

Fisking 60 Minutes 11/14/10 Edition

Before we start, let us wish Smitty (of the Other McCain) a safe journey to Afghanistan.  He is in the Naval Reserve and is being called up.. He always linked to the Fisking 60 Minutes posts, so please say prayers and wish him well.

And Smitty, if you are ever in the City of Angeles, look me up! 

Now let's continue with the experiment.....

A little tune:

Tokyo Police Club, Nature of the Experiment

The score so far:
 Now let's do yesterday's 60 Minutes:

Shale Gas Drilling: Fire Leslie Stahl!   For all the talk the Left has of "exploring other avenues for energy," they seem to have a problem with whatever alleyway America goes down.  Shale Oil is discussed, then Halliburton is Emmanuel Goldsteined, then Lesley Stah takes the Enviromental Lobbyists words as Gold.  Will Lesley Stahl ever investigate how Enviromental lawsuits are holding up shovel ready jobs? Of course not, it is easier to attack Halliburton.  Fire Leslie Stahl!  This story is another point for the Democrats. 

Haiti: Great story; Finally no "White Man's Burden," but it shows Haitians trying to help themselves and the corruptness within the nation.  Byron Pitts did a good job until he brought President Clinton into the story.  What? Are there no Conservatives who care?  I call Bull.  A 1/2 point for the Tie.  So close, so close. 

Staff Sgt. Giunta's Medal of Honor:  A good story to a great man.  Non political and made me proud.  Keep Lara Logan for the eye candy though

Andy Rooney on Pollsters: At 120 years old, he doesn't understand that people don't vote for Democrats outside of New York City. Rooney never said any complimentary words about the last Administration.  He should have been fired years ago.  Here's who should replace him.  Another point for the Democrats. 

The current score:

12 Stories produced for the Democrats / 3 Ties/ 1/2 Point for the Right.

Get ready for next week! 

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