Monday, November 22, 2010

Fisking 60 Minutes 11/21/10 Edition

And we get deeper into the experiment......
Let's go over the score so far:
12 Stories produced for the Democrats / 3 Ties/ 1/2 Point for the Right.

Not good for 60 Minutes if they want to claim to be fair to Republicans.  When this season goes on repeats, I am going to send these posts to Rep. Issa and see if there is collaboration between the DNC, the White House and CBS News. 
Now THAT would be a fun experiment (all under oath!).
1) Vicktor Bout: The Merchant of Death -- Armen Ketayan reports on how they captured an arms dealer who was the inspiration for the movie "The Lord of War,"  Mr. Keteyan interviewed, fairly, a staffer from Bush fils post 2004 administration. fairly, simply.  My G-d, 60 Minutes scores a full point for the Right.  (Send in the balloon drop!).  Everyone did a professional job with this piece.  To the DEA and to Mr. Ketayan, all I can say is well done. Full point for the Right.
Here is the intro to "The Lord of War,"  Great movie. 
The last two pieces were non-political, but if Mark Wahlberg wants to get involved with public life, email me.  (I live in his voting district).  Again, Lara Logan brings the beauty.
Most folks I know who are in Republican politics are those who have bounced back.  The stories are always inspiring.   
The score this week?
12 stories for the Democrats/ 3 Ties/ 1 1/2 Stories for the GOP
And we continue next week.... 
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