Sunday, November 14, 2010

Doctor Who -- The Hand of Fear

It's the weekend! Time for another Doctor Who classic!

Tonight is a weak episode (sorry, they are not all good -- just differing degrees) called the Hand of Fear.

It was a forgettable piece except for the fact Sarah Jane Smith leaves the TARDIS

In other news, this week I will be writing my magazine piece on Los Angeles and Election 2010.  Some posts I write this week will seep through from the article.  If you see me at a Starbucks typing away, say "Hi!" 

Also, I have two proposals to write this week after the article is done.  

1) Book Proposal, a follow up to the article I'm writing -- this is for Robert McCain
2)  Ideas for the next CRP Chairman (and my job within) -- this is for Gary Aminoff.

Stay tuned on both those subjects.  

And now, The Hand of Fear!  

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