Friday, November 19, 2010

First Annual Marsha Tookey Golden Bear Awards

Now, let's have a tune to start the second part of our show:

Randy Newman, I Love L.A. at the 2002 Lakers Ring Ceremony

First, you may ask, who was Marcia Tookey?  I knew her when she was on the 43rd AD Central Committee.  She was one of the many behind the scenes people who got stuff done.  She believed in creating an organization from top to bottom that cannot be beat.  I subscribe to that vision.  She knew Nancy Reagan when she was in Sacramento and in the White House.  No one could ever question her dedication or her energy.  I look up to her even to this day.

Let's hope when we take back Los Angeles, people remember to thank this great woman.   
 Now, presenting these awards is the lovely and talented Kim Kardashian.  A woman with class and style, thank you for being here. 

First some of the people working at the magnolia office and those who worked with me getting the Southland Fundraiser off the ground:

Helen Fagin has a thankless job of manning the phones and being the front line of information and support at the Magnolia office.  So, let me be the first to say "Thank you," 

Next up is a slew of players who were there to help: so, stand up Ryan Panzerello, Matt Schumsky, and Matt Robbins.  And from San Diego, a warm round of applause for Jonathan Buettner!

Now, I want to present an award for someone who worked very hard around the city to make sure her candidates did well.  If you have her on your campaign team, you have a professional worth any Presidential advisor, so give a loud round of applause to Susan Abato

Here are some candidates worth voting for again (and again, and again...), we start with Merlin Froyd, a true mensch; Mattie Fein, a fighter; John Colbert, Tea partier and backed by Palin herself; Kathleen "Suzy" Evans, making sure the home front is covered, and Carly Fiorina for putting up a good fight! 

And a special award for three men in the 30th CD race who fought hard and supported each other after the Primary: David Benning (he has my vote in Election 2012), Ari David and Robert Flutie. keep an eye on these three men, they will go far.    

And the top row of activists here in Los Angeles County: Of course, Gary "Mr. Republican," Aminoff; John Cozza,  Alex Burrola and I hope everyone who reads this blog promotes and supports Chairwoman Jane Barnett and her team on December 11, 2010 for another term.  She fought hard when things were at their worst, she cares about her people and she wants to win.  Spread the word far and wide. 

And can we add a kick-ass National Committeeman Shawn Steel?  He deserves to be backed from the Southland to the deserts from the Northern Redwoods to the Southern Border.  Inspirational and a fighter -- thank G-d California and Los Angeles has his wisdom, because we need it out here. 

Now some great Bloggers who deserve this award:  Dan Blatt of GayPatriot for working the Fiorina Senate race; Joy McCann of Little Miss Attila for coming in and helping with the Southland Fundraiser in the final act, and Richard McEnroe of Three Beers Later for bringing the funny.

And finally, the out of staters who did not give up on the Southland:  Robert McCain of The Other Mccain, the force behind the Southland Fundraiser; Pam Geller for being there for the Valley and playing a major role in the Southland Fundraiser; and finally Former Governor Palin for supporting Jane Barnett.

Thank you all for being here and accepting your awards!   And thank you Kim Kardashian! 

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