Thursday, November 11, 2010

Sun Tzu on Elections 2010 (National)

Next week, I will talk all about Los Angeles and California -- I've had my conversations, the detail comes later. 

Now, how did the Democrats lose their supermajority in the Senate and their House majority?

As always, Sun Tzu has wisdom that travels the centuries for us to understand. 
"Therefore I say: ' Know the enemy and know yourself; in a hundred battles you will never be in peril. When you are ignorant of the enemy but know yourself, your chances of winning or losing are about equal; If ignorant of your enemy and of yourself, you are certain in every battle to be in peril'"
-- Sun Tzu, The Art of War, pg 84

Throughout the 111th Congress, President Obama and his partisans followed their way and did health care and the Budget even though the public was opposed to the former and they cheated on the latter.  ("Deem and pass," anyone)

The role of the opposition party is to oppose.  Trust me, when I ask my Liberal friends for the Democratic Party White Paper on terrorism written during the Bush years, they never find it.  Why? Because to oppose, you don't need to name your policies. 

Democrats and Liberals forget their own histories of opposing Bush. 

At no point in their opposition did they ever factor in the partisans from the Right and what would occur next.  Speaker Pelosi and the left have called their Republican and tea party opposition "RAAAAACISTS," thousands of times, it loses it's meaning when the Liberals forget their opposition.  (Click the link).

The American Left don't look upon Conservatives, Tea Partiers or Pepublicans as opponents with differing ideas for the American Polity, but as Emmanuel Goldsteins for their Two Minute Hate.

How can you defeat an opposition in battle if you cannot conceive their ideas?  We on the Right understand Liberals and their problem of unintended Consequences.  If you are of the Left, deride and mock and then lose the public is the common strategy.   

"Generally in battle, use the normal force to enagage; Use the extraordinary to win,"
-- Sun Tzu, The Art of War, pg. 91

No one, not even your humble writer, expected the Tea Party. (Cue Monty Python!)  Like everything it had help, but not the help that is theorized by the Left.  Think Iran 1953.

In 06, the Republican party was thrown due to it's Hubris on the Federal Level; A very chastened Speaker Boehner opened up Election Night 2010.

The Social Conservatives were part of the reason the Right went down to defeat in 06 (08 was a cultural effect on the election); The Ta Partiers (when the Left stops screaming "RAAAAACIST," at them) are basically people who are Fiscal Conservatives.  Government is needed for Defense, Roads, and the common good; The Democrats went beyond that. 

Even though the Republicans did not win the Senate, an orgization that did not exist 18 months ago influenced enough elections to take back the lower chamber and become a force in the Upper Chamber. 

And what no one noticed is that Christine O'Donnall, Sharron Angle and Governor Palin took the
fires of hate from the Left while making sure the other States flipped. 

For all the smartness of the left, they did not see that coming.  To quote Glenn Reynolds: Heh. 

When Speaker Pelosi ascended in 2006, here is what she said:

Did she follow through on her promises? NOPEShe had her own Airplane while unemployment skyrocketed. 

Speaker Boehner has chosen to fly commercial.  And he doesn't believe in AGW either. 

The Tea Party gave new life to the GOP, while the Left kept looking for conspiracies. 

And finally:

"A Sovereign cannot raise an army because he is enraged nor can a general fight because he is resentful. For while an angered man may again be happy, and a resentful man be pleased, a state that has perished cannot be restored, nor can the dead be brought back to life,"
-- Sun Tzu, The Art of War, pg 142-3

In 06, the Democrats won the Congress;
In 08, they won full control of the US Government with supermajorities to boot.

Were the Liberal partisans happy with the public? Only when they voted their way. 

Only a few weeks ago, during the campaign, President Obama called the Conservatives, Republicans, and tea partiers who opposed him, "the enemy,"


As long as the Left are always angry (and they are, even when they win), the public will look upon them warily.  A future post will describe how hatred of Nixon and Bush is leading towards a more Conservative wins.

But note: No Liberal has ever said their policies or attacks are ever wrong. 

Will the Democrats learn how to be nice to their opponents (Conservatives, Tea partiers and Republicans) in the wilderness again?  See if Pelosi wins again.

My question:  Why don't Liberals or Democrats ever say they are wrong? On anything?  Or an even better question, do Liberals believe in anything but power (see Iraq, protests,  1991 and 2003 - 2008)?
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