Saturday, November 06, 2010

Doctor Who -- Masque of Mandragora

The Election is over -- the Firewall is the challenge, and my 40th Birthday is ahead.

After the last post, many people who know me saw my disease make a return (hence the non-writing).  I'm fighting it, it's hard, but that's my life. 

This was a week the number "40" popped up everywhere -- my car hit 40,000 miles, 40 also popped up a few other places too.  Is Providence dropping hints? 

I am working with Robert McCain on the book idea, you will see more of it after this week; I have to have two important conversations first.  With whom?  People who know how politics in Los Angeles works, and if you've been reading the Valley, you can guess one of the names.   

Sometime later this week, I will give my take on the National implications of the Election.  past that, the local effects.   Stay tuned. 

Now, tonight we get back to the Fourth Doctor, season 14 (post Seeds of Doom).  Tonight's episode is The Masque of Mandragora.

The place is Italy, 1500's, on the cusp of the Enlightenment and the Mandragora Helix is there to keep Europe and the world in the Dark Ages.  Unless the Doctor and Sarah Jane Smith stop it.  Will  they succeed? 

Watch the Masque of Mandragora and find out!  Enjoy!

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