Monday, November 01, 2010

Monday Night Quarterbacking (for Tuesday)

In prepping for tommorow night's live-Blogging from Henry's Hat, I will make some predictions for the 112th Congress and a few other races. 

Let's start with Congress:
House: 240 R (+62) 195 D (-60)
Senate  50 (+9) R 48 (-9)  D 2 I

These are my predictions, I can be wrong.  If you want to make some money off my choices, just give me a percentage if you win. /joke
And here are the seats I'm following tomorrow night with my predictions:

DE-SEN:   Christine O'Donnell: Why? The American public got to see (another)  American become Emmanuel Goldsteined by the Democrats.  She became the underdog because in the end, Americans root for the underdog.  

IL- SEN: Rep. Kirk  One name to remember: Former Governor Blagojavich.  He tried to sell the seat; If IL wants a clean seat, Kirk is the David against the Democratic Goliath  machine, Kirk winsWatch out for Zombie voters in Chicago!
CA-SEN Do I really need to explain myself here

AK-SEN:  Joe Miller.  Try writing Murkowski (who was appointed, not elected), plus in this three way race, the Senate needs a guy named Joe.  And let us not forget, the Power of Palin compels you! 

In the House:

All the Los Angeles candidates.  I think Merlin Froyd, Mattie Fein (no relation) and John Colbert will be swearing their oath next January.  Vote for these people.

And of course, the State races and of course, the props, peeps

See you on the Live-Blogging! 

My question: What are your predictions for tomorrow night?
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