Saturday, November 20, 2010

Doctor Who -- The Deadly Assassin

It's Saturday night, time for Doctor Who Theatre! 

Tonight's episode is The Deadly Assassin.  A tale of Doctor Who's archenemy: The Master and his race, the Time Lords.  This was first introduction to The Master and the Time Lords for me.  On an early Bronx BBS service, that was my nom de plume. (After he returned to full form later in the seriesYes, that was on a Commodore 64.

My late father and I would go up to the Bronx for meeting of the BBS.  I also arranged a meeting at a New York City Science Fiction convention with a bunch of sci-fi geeks.  I was already an event planner in High School! 

(And if you look on the sidebar, I'm still available to work as one)

For the article I am writing, I am 1,300 words into a 5,000 word piece.  Hopefully, it will be a main article in January or February.  Again, thanks to Robert Mc Cain for walking me through this.  The article has a few purposes, hopefully, it will succeed in all three.  (Cross fingers, say prayers). Stay tuned.

And now, a story of Politics, regeneration and evil reborn.  Now, the Deadly Assassin

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