Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The Mysterious Missile from Mu

(points if you get the reference)

First, let's watch the News report:

Even after a full 24 hours, no one has acknowledged whose missile it is.

And does anyone know of any airplane that flies upwards rather then flying across?!  I've lived near Airports my whole life; In Forest Hills, I saw the planes fly between JFK and LGA,; In Washington, DC, I was within the flight range of DCA and living in Burbank, I lived near BUR.

Was there any Aircraft carriers in the area? No, hasn't most traveled to the east with President Obama?  And the planes fly across not up.

Here are my theories:

1)  Robert Ellsworth  is right!  With President Obama away on an Asian trip, which country, Russian, China or North Korea will whisper in his ear saying, "We shot a missile close to the California Coast.  Next Time it will land in Los Angeles unless....."

Welcome to Power Politics, President Obama.

2)  One of our own Spy Agencies sent a Surface to satellite missile up for whatever reason.  Again, on the edge of the G-20, whomever has the most spy satellites that work, wins.

3)  The old G-ds are coming back and shot a missile to announce their return.  Hello Mu!  Will we send someone from Miskatonic University to investigate? 

Any of my readers who work in the dark have an answer?  

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