Saturday, November 27, 2010

Doctor Who -- Multiple Doctors (again!)

If you're reading the Valley this weekend, Doctor Who double feature theatre is still on!

Tonight, on hand is "Time Crash," (a short) and The Five Doctors!  Enjoy!

Tomorrow, my Evites go out for my 40th Birthday! 

As I told my ex, Toni, I'm lucky there has been no one from the future to try to kill me, so maybe my vision of the world brings true "Peace," 

In my life, I have not had a job that paid over $30,000/year (yet) but I am available (And if you want to buy my writing service, selling out is not a problem as long as I keep my vision and I get paid Nine figures before the decimal point).

Also, I always had roommates.  One thing I want in the coming months is my own one bedroom  apartment.  Since I'm on a HGTV kick, how would my apartment look like?

The Living Room would be decorated with Movie and Americana decorations;

The Bedroom would have a Goth theme;

The Kitchen would have a combination of all three themes; 

And the bathroom? More movie and Americana stuff. 

Throughout the apartment would be political signs, Doctor Who stuff and other interesting things  that I have collected.  Then I can worry about meeting a nice (hopefully, redheaded) Jewish girl who likes Politics, Policy, sci-fi and Goth clubs.

And now: Time Crash

And following up with: The Five Doctors!

Back to serious stuff tomorrow night.  Enjoy your leftovers! 

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