Sunday, September 02, 2012

Favorite Speeches from the Republican Convention (Final Night)

I spent the last night of the Convention at a Political Party "Party," so I got to enjoy the last night among my fellow Los Angeles Activists. 

We are moving the ball into play out here -- stay tuned for more posts from the Valley about that.  Suffice to say, we are ready for the next Cycle. And the Valley will help lead the way. 

I'll shut up and allow the speakers to speak. 


Former Governor Jeb Bush (R-FL)

Campaign Chairman Bob White

The Honorable Jane Edmonds, Workforce Development Chair of MA (D)

Clint Eastwood. 
Why did he succeed? Because he spoke truth to power (since other comedians and Media won't).
"No, I can't do that either, Mr. President!"

Governor Romney's Acceptance Speech

See you at the next post!

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