Thursday, September 20, 2012

Escape the Narrative! How GOP Activists and Candidates can Deal with the Post Obama Media

I'm Snake Plisskin  I'm here to free you from The Narrative.
When you figure out "the Code," of your opponents (i.e. the Democrats and the Media), it becomes easy to strategize the next moves.  (It also helps being a former Democrat)

Here are the past Tarkin Doctrine's that the Democrats/Media use against the GOP (all our branches):

1) "The voters are confused when they vote for the Right,"

2) "All Conservatives/Tea partiers are Crazy/Evil/Stupid,"

3) "All Conservative/Republican/Tea Party Women are Nuts or Sluts," 

4) "The Conservatives/Tea Partiers/Republicans are racists/Misogynists/etc. et. al"

5) "No matter the crime or problems under a Democratic Official, the GOP is always more Evil,"

And now we add a few more:

6) "All Republicans Lie!"  (used by the Media in Fall Election 2012)

7) "All Republicans are Social Conservatives (even when they're not),"

"Fear of the Republicans will keep the Voters in Line!"

Right now, Republican candidates and activists are playing by Rules designed by Democrats.

Like Snake Plisskin in Escape From New York, everyone around the country from the Romney and the RNC thinks the California Republican Party [CRP] and the Republican Party of Los Angeles [RPLAC] are dead.

No, they aren't.  Follow my lead and watch out for land minds on the 69th street bridge.

What is the GOP's current Narrative (that is not being written by the press)?

(As always, use the Hollywood Pitch method -- 25 words or less)

"Governor Romney is a turnaround artist. He turned the 2002 Olympics and Massachusetts around. And Rep. Ryan understands how to fix the Government's Budget,"

After this Election Cycle, here is what we Activists and Future candidates (and Presidents) must do with the Post-Obama media.  We are now crossing the bridge, watch out for land mines!

I. Republican and Tea Party Organizations and the Old Media

If you are from a State or County party or if you are from the Tea Party, follow this advice for the next few cycles (before the Old Line Media catch on)

A)  Before any Newspaper, magazine or TV show (non-local) wants to interview you or your group, find out who they are sending, and how they acted during the Obama Administration.

B) There is no reason to go on MSNBC or Pacifica -- they are not swing voters and you end up getting ambushed. 

C) Court your local papers but find out where their bread is buttered. (For instance, every GOP activist in LA knows Jonah Lowenfeld of the JJLA works for Rep. Berman)  And if their bread is buttered by Democratic activists and fundraisers, counter with your own area's fundraisers.

D) Use Bloggers and Political Converts as Your Media Liaison's.  Who better to promote your State/County then those who know the arguments of the other side (Converts)? And those who fight back against Democratic party memes?

E) Local Activists and groups know their area better then anyone who is flown in from anywhere else.  Once you have the reporter's business card -- find out what they like and recommend some good restaurants and places for their enjoyment.

II. Presidential Candidates, Executive Branch officials, and Federal officials

AA) When a new President takes office, the White House Press Room hires new reporters.  Before your Press Secretary gives their FIRST Press conference, ask publicly of each media member, why they helped President Obama when they refused to help President Bush? THIS MUST GO ON CAMERA.

BB) Again, have all high level officials stay away from MSNBC and Pacifica, they won't win over anyone.  The three letter networks are fine.

CC) Have Bloggers work in your Press office (i.e. RS McCain and DaTechGuy in a Romney Administration). Why? As above, Bloggers can fight the memes and punch out defenses fast.

DD) If you are running for a Federal position. court your local Right Wing Bloggers.  I await Romney's mission to meet with us Southland Bloggers.

EE) Any Media who worked on helping President Obama should not get a Press pass to the White House or any Political Event.  Period. 

My question: How would you fight a media obsessed with helping Democratic Presidents?

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