Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Blogging Later...

It's been awhile, but like all good things, I will return later today.

General MacArthur returning to the Philippines, 10/20/44

For now, enjoy Lawrence of Arabia.  Fitting, no?

Subjects to be discussed:

1) Who has the role of protecting Our Embassies?;

2) Free Speech -- Which Party better Defends the First Amendment (Prepare to be shocked!)?;

3)  Winning in LA (September Song);

4)  How Republican Activists and Electeds Should Deal With the Old Media post-Obama; 

5)  The TV Trope Election (Obama's Meta v. Romney's Meta); and 

6)  A Message to my Gothy Friends About Election 2012 (and how the GOP, CRP, and RPLAC works to Our [Goths] advantage...) and beyond.

Finally, a Gothy Tune for you as well:

See you soon!

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