Sunday, September 23, 2012

A Message to My Gothy (and Other) Friends: Don't Fear the GOP -- Take It Over!

Normally, on Saturday Nights, I would be hanging out on the rooftop of the Monte Cristo instead of Blogging at this hour.  I miss the Monte Cristo -- it gave me a place to hang out, dance, and sometimes find a quiet place and contemplate the world from the Terrace.  Here's hoping Ruin resurrects there soon.

Los Angeles, the way the Future Imagined. Goths rule here.

Before I get really serious and Politically Wonky, here's a tune to enjoy while you read my argument:

I spent years studying Power. From religious power in the Dark Ages (and currently thriving in some Islamic Countries where we Goths are outlawed), to cultural power (TV and Radio as arbiters of what's acceptable), the power of funds (Buckley v. Valeo) which leads directly into my subsection of my Industry: Republican Politics of the LA and CA variety.

I. Who Are the GOP? 

There are a few branches, not every Republican is the same (and neither is Every Goth -- but every Gothy Muse I see at the club are all beautiful).  Let me re-cap, who is who (from an earlier post):

1)   Social Conservatives [SoCons] -- South-East based (the Appalachian States as well) whose Right leaning Politics are Moral and Bible based.  Their saving grace are they are believers of  Democracy around the globe as a way of getting to Peace. Also, big supporters of Israel.  However, they are used to slam the other branches by the MSM and people who don't know the GOP and how it operates;

2) National Security Republicans -- Based in Military areas and throughout cities in the Blue States. The concept of Wilsonianism (as the SoCons believe above) as a means of peace.  These are supporters of Israel and other Democracies.  They believe the Military can get rid of dictators and make Democracies as Truman did in Japan and Europe.  (Most are former Democrats switching after 9/11).  On domestic issues, see Social Libertarians;

3) Moderate Republicans -- Based in Big cities and Blue States (like MA and NJ). This is Governor Romney. They don't follow the SoCons, listen to the National Security Republicans and are Social Libertarians;

4) Fiscal Conservatives -- Most of the Republican Party and their cousins, the Tea Party. EVERYWHERE within the GOP. They (we) don't want to END Government, they (we) want a Government that is not overly AGGRESSIVE (i.e. see smoking laws in bars or Taxamaggedon);

5) Social Libertarians -- A kissing cousin of Libertarianism itself.  These supporters are also found in Blue States.  This is one of the few issues I fight within the Party (Goths, I can use the backup here).  Paulbots are not Libertarians, but will only accept Paul (pere or fils) in the Executive Branch.  SoCons need to know that we exist. What Social Libertarians (and Goths) believe is something simple: As the Government should not have carte blanche with your wallet (Fiscal Cons), neither should the Government decide your lifestyle if everyone is adult and consenting. Here is where my Gothy friends fit in.

My fight, within the GOP, is dealing with PaulBots whose concept of freedom is ONLY voting for Rep. Ron Paul and his scion, Rand (and are very boring debaters) and with the SoCons who would limit what we do (and how some of us Goths live).

II) Why I Love the Goths (especially the Gothy Muses like Charly, Violet, Neko, etc)

Why do I enjoy hanging out among the Goth scene?

I have had some of the most intelligent and funniest conversations on the Terrace of the Monte Cristo. And which is why, with only rumors and half-notes, a lot of my Gothy friends ran around saying "Rep. Paul Ryan is a SoCon!"  He isn't.  I said that here many times.

Find me the bills.  If Rep. Paul Ryan was there on the House Floor to guide the Bill before the vote, you win.  If he gave a speech, it could have been as a favor to help get his Budget passed.

To get anything done in the House (or Senate), you have to be able to trade for votes.  I'll vote for your Siouxsie and the Banshees Billboard, if you vote for my Historic Castle for the Hills of my district.  What's involved in the trade, the public never knows.  That's how things get in Politics around the world (wherever there is no dictator,).

Or in short (forgive me!), don't believe the hype!

 III. Building a Better LA and USA

But the SoCons are not as powerful since 06 (and the Tea Party People are basically Fiscal Conservatives dressed to celebrate my Birthday!), but they do not conform to vision of the GOP.   

How do you fight and win? 

Build an army. 

When I was in DC, I learned two things:

1) Geography is Power; and
2) Power Resides in the Home Districts. 

If you ignore your Home District (or State in the Senate), you get voted out.  Los Angeles is filled with Social Libertarians and we Goths are Artists who should join the "Leave us Alone Coalition," (Meet Grover Norquist who wants to save you money!) 

Here in LA (RPLAC) and California (CRP), we on the Right don't want to rule your life as the Democrats do today.

(Want to know why Ruin cannot stay open past 2 AM? Ask the all Democrat LA City Council! Why can't you smoke or drink at your leisure? Again, look Left! want to know why Gang Crime still owns one-third of LA? Same people,)

In Los Angeles and California, we want you to earn enough money to invest and spend. We don't care how you live your life (Most RPLAC and CRP members voted No on 8, remember Obama won CA. so enough votes came from the D's camp to shut it down) -- just be a Consenting Adult in what you do.  

Heck, Romney is a Moderate.  The reason I shifted Right is because the Right believes you should have more of your own money, not the State (not just CA and LA, but Federal too!); If we in RPLAC win LA (a County bigger then most States) with Goths are our backup, then the LA Goths have earned a seat at the Governing table.  

That's how it works.

Win locally, change the National scene.

If you hear anything about any Republican, ask me.  I can tell you where they come from and where their bread is buttered (Even if I have to research first.) 

My Gothy friends, I'm not asking you to change in this cycle (but it would help) but help me and Political tribe change the City and then the Country.  It's that simple.

If you want good candidates to look at today, let me name a few:

For DA -- Alan Jackson

US House Candidates from LA
David Miller in the San Gabriel Valley;
David Hernandez in the San Fernando Valley;
Bill Bloomfield for the Westside and Central LA

State Assembly
Keith McCowen for AD 54 (Crenshaw and points West)

My question: Why are we taken in so easily by rumors and half-truths when the person is a member of the GOP? And:

Will you help build the Army needed to change LA to make it the City of the Future again?

UPDATE: 9/24/12; 9:53AM PST: Welcome Instapundit travelers! Thank you Ed Driscoll!.  Not only am I a Goth, but an Elected member of the 50th GOP Assembly District Committee (representing West Hollywood, Reagan's old homestead of Beverly Hills and points west to Santa Monica).  I am #2 in the link. 

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  1. Never associate me with the GOP. (This is Marie speaking.) The fact that I'm goth has NOTHING to do with the Republican Party, which is a party I detest, and I don't allow anyone to speak for me. And the tea party movement offends and repulses me. Enough said.

    1. Marie/Silky,

      If you don't mind my asking, what exactly about the Republican Party do you "detest"? What elements of the "Tea Party movement offend[ed] and repulse[d]" you?

      I'm not a Goth, but I did sort of flit around the edges of the subculture back in my late-teens/early-twenties, and if I may be so bold I'd say that Goth sensibilities have far more in common with the Non-Aggression Principle of conservatism than the central planning dogma of modern liberalism.

    2. @ ISH (Mininerd): In writing my response, I was simply expressing irritation at what I perceived to be relentless proselytizing and recruiting, which I don't like. I would never do that to other people; I feel proselytizing is horribly pushy and even kind of creepy. I am satisfied and happy as a leftist; I'm a very liberal Democrat (although I admire the Peace And Freedom Party). As for the tea party movement, it seems to be comprised of right-wing extremists who frighten me.
      That is all I have to say. Thank you.

    3. @Marie/Silky

      This post has three purposes. As far as the proletyzing/etc. Politics and current affairs is my day job (in the Valley). I was elected on June 5th, I take office within LAGOP in December.

      The reasons involved with this post regards to something I tried to tell you my Two mentors support. This post also relates to the Goth GOP group (and Ryan) I have already started. We didn't get together earlier, so i couldn't give you all the info. But if you note the Blog and my own writings, its not about Romney.

      And please remember, if you have any issues with anything I write, email me, call me. I listen to you because you make sense and you are smart.

      It's hard to have a conversation when the communication seems to go one way. You are a Muse, I listen to you a little more then others. I thought you knew that about me.

      If you are angry with me over anything, know that I still support you in whatever you do. You are someone I listen to (and could easily lobby me). I consider you a friend even if you reject it for me.

      My next post will be trying to get the Monte Cristo back, can we at least agree that's worth fighting for?

      Wishing your dreams to be real and that you have many months of smiles ahead. Don't be a stranger.

    4. Of course, I want the Monte Cristo back. I'm hopeful for this.

  2. Marie/Silky,

    I put you down as a Gothy Muse (as a reason why I enjoy hanging out among the Goth scene). Since you requested, I took your name down. In that chapter title, I was not trying to speak for you, just noting you are one many people who inspire me (You are a Muse and you are one of the smartest people I know).

    Marie/Silky, I know you fight for the Left, but I can still try to appreciate your beauty (inside and out) -- that what the chapter title was about. Keep fighting the good fight for Obama and Democrats on your end.

    As you know, I am fighting locally (RPLAC/CAGOP) and I mentioned in this post, I fight the SoCons and PaulBots. It's not easy, I need allies, that's all I'm asking for.

    Like my late father, I am trying to sell the importance of fighting locally to make things better Nationally(again, I don't support the SoCons and i wasn't referring to you for jumping to conclusions about Ryan -- it was someone else).

    Stay beautiful (inside and out) and see you on the dance floor!

  3. One common factor that I think you left out in your dissection of the Republican Party is that most all groups just want the government to leave us alone.

    I think it was Robert Heinlein who divided the world into the people who want to tell other people what to do and those who don't. The ones who want to control other people are concentrated in the Democratic Party. If the government is big and all encompassing, I have to get involved in government out of self defense. If the government dictates lifestyle, I have to fight to try to protect mine. If the government is small and leaves us all alone, I don't need to know, care or approve what people in Los Angeles are doing.

  4. JSF - Interesting that your first response is such a violent attack on the GOP. Sadly that is basically the left response to anything...doesn't matter what the issue is, the GOP is bad. The tea party is apparently worse: never knew thinking that smaller government and less taxes was so evil.

    You're right thro in that if you want to change something, you have to start locally. Notice the tea party is just winning only a few seats in elections: it takes time to change a party. The GOP didn't drift right overnight and it won't move to smaller government immediately either. Get a Goth elected from a LA district first... And it's an excellent post on the way things work.

    By the way, I'm somewhere between a SoCon and FiCon. The lines aren't clean and just because I am sure we will disagree on things, doesn't mean I won't welcome Goths to the GOP. Without disagreements and discussion, it dies. Look at the Whigs.

  5. Silky seems kind of...intolerant.

    I know if I was listed under some kind of political group I didn't like, I'd be confused, and ask what is going on.

    I liked your whole post, the general tone matches what I've been saying for a while now. And also why I'm not really concerned who wins the Presidential election.

  6. I really liked your post; I think you've got some really great points. I'm sorry that your only response so far has been so hateful.

    I'm not a goth, though a bit of a fellow traveller, nor am I local, but I think we want a lot of the same things. I wish you all the best of luck in moving the needle toward freedom in LA.

  7. You've got an uphill battle, as the Dems have a decades head start of branding advantage. My observation is that lots of liberty-loving folks whose personal beliefs and philosophy falls perfectly into the "right" column self-select as Democrat because, just like Silky, they don't want to be associated with those "bigoted," "closed minded," "mean," "uncool," "stupid," "bible-thumpin'" Republicans.

    Especially among young folks, the fashion of being part of the hip counter-culture revolutionary Democrat scene is a strong muse that gets reinforced with almost every song, celeb, movie, TV show, advertisement, or news article.

  8. As a longstanding member of the goth community here in the People's Republic of Seattle, where I can count the number of non-liberal goths on one hand, I feel your pain.

    I've never understood why goths (or any other maligned subculture) aren't natural liberatarians. The only thing I can think is a combination of single-issue politics, school/media indoctrination, and family tradition (my wife from Minnesota will NEVER vote Republican, because it just isn't done).

  9. Very gratified to see this happening out in LA. God knows y'all need as much help as you can get, and yeah, up-hill battle and all that, but aren't those the ones most worth fighting? (Here's a video link for you:

    Here in Texas, the fight is different, but in my own back yard of Austin (Elysium represent!) I run into the same stuff as you. As I tell my Dem-voting friends, I'll be happy to vote their way when their party nominates a candidate as progressive on gay marriage as Dick Cheney and on the drug war as George Will. ;)

    1. I stated that libertarians should try and take over the repubs in blue states, through the Tea Party. But in red states like TX it is different, since repubs there (including even possibly the local Tea Party) would be heavily dominated by socons. I think the best strategy there would be for libertarians to form a dem Tea Party group, and try and turn local dems libertarian. I think many voters that vote repub in red states today, may not be happy with socon excesses there, and would be receptive to a dem if they were fiscally responsible, and supported civil liberties.

  10. It sounds to me like goths are more libertarian than anything else, because they just want to be left alone to live their lives. As such they have no complete home in either party. The dems want to control practically everything with gov, even what we eat and what light bulbs we use, and as such no libertarian could honestly call them home now. Standard repubs are a mixed bag, somewhat libertarian on economics, but with a socon wing that is mostly unlibertarian on social issues, and still dominates the party to a large extent.

    But libertarians should be very encouraged by the Tea Party, which is completely libertarian on economics, and moderate on defense and socon issues. I think some like silky, who talk about how much they fear about the tea party, are parroting how dems charachterise the tea party, and not what the tea party actually stands for. They think of the Tea Party as just more extreme regular repubs, not realizing that the Tea Party is only "extreme" on fiscal issues, which libertarians also support, but are fairly moderate on other issues. I think libertarian leaning people in blue states should start joining Tea Party groups, and try to turn them in a more libertarian direction. The Tea Party is fertile ground there, because they already have natural libertarian sympathies, and will be resceptive to any argument based on "get the gov out of ...". Of course if you phrase it like a typical leftist would "I have the right to ... and others should be forced by gov to accept that and help pay for it" you will turn them off. But any live and let live argument will get a good reception in the Tea Party. Mind you, any socially liberal Tea Party group will still have an uneasy marriage with the socon dominated national repub party, but at least it gives you an alternative in a blue state to the completely big gov dominated dem party today, and you can still buck the national repub party socons on local social issues.

  11. JSF - I wish you luck man. My later youth was more Punk influenced with some Goth, but kindred spirits all the same. First and foremost I'm a Financial Conservative, but with a healthy portion or Social-Libertarian and National Security Republican in the mix. Definitely not a "Ronulan". You've got a long road ahead, lots of closed minds to open, stereotypes and misinformation to dispel. But I believe reasonable people will eventually see reason.


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