Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Why Club Monte Cristo Benefits from Ruin Hollywood and Malediction Society

Yesterday, as of  7:35 AM EST, what we LA Goths do (and fight for) will be followed by many Bloggers and Politicos (LA, Californians and some Capitol Hill folk).

 But sometimes we must battle to have our space back, so be it.  I'm ready.

First, a tune:

The new management of the Club Monte Cristo want their club to be hip and popular like the Skybar and the Standard.  The problem begins is that Koreatown is not Sunset Boulavard. It never will be as Hip and Cool as Sunset 

We Goths who have made the Club Monte Cristo our home for 7 years (as we heard Malediction goes down, following Ruin) and Club Monte Cristo made money.  There are many events that came and went at the Monte Cristo and we Goths showed up, paid for parking, and paid for entry (Many thanks to Leo and everyone who worked the door!) and paid for drinks (even some Wormwood for the brave) and paid for artwork, tarot card readings and just a unique experience at the Monte Cristo. 

Also, Violet was an awesome photographer who kept us all on our toes on where she would point her camera.

And one of my favorite events was Vendetta. Swing Goth and Vintage 20's setting that my friends and I  spent a little extra to enjoy the setting.

And what is swing Goth? This!

We Goths who hang at the Monte Cristo are loyal to Our DJ's, Xian Vox and Amanda Jones. The music and setting is good.  Ask the new groups who are there, will they return if it doesn't remain "a cool club?"  

We Goths did not need cool, we were comfortable. 

Even within our Group, we had a few fun things to do:

The security kept a tight running ship and even within the Old School Goths, all of us kept on eye out for trouble within the club (except for letting this Evil Politico Blogger inside, they did OK/sarc).  No problems, a steady flow of income for the bar, and always people dancing on the floor, why kick out the Goths?

I said it earlier, and I say it now with the End of Malediction -- we who follow DJ Xian and DJ Amanda Jones are the crowd you want for your venue.  The terrace was filled with conversations, humor and planning (how did you think the last post got written?) and the floor was always filled with beautiful Muses. It's worth more to keep us at the Monte Cristo then kicking us out.

This is my request, and I hope my friends from the club spread this post throughout LA and the Goth community in the US:

Do you want consistent funds? Bring back Ruin and Malediction to the Goths -- we like the place, we take care of it.  And even better, we are happy being left alone to dance and party on the rooftop.  Not even the LAPD know we are up there. (Why? because we don't make trouble!).

To the management of the Monte Cristo:  Bring back the Goths.  

To my friends in the Goth scene: Let's find out how to win it back. 

To my politico friends: If you can help us, now is the time. :} 

Now, a tune:

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  1. A nice sentiment, unfortunately a contract was signed with the new partners. Until that falls through, it's out of our hands... sorry to say. Thanks for having the compassion and conviction to write this.


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