Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Communicating with JSF (If I know you in RealTime)

Not everyone is going to like my writing 100% (Thank G-d!).

But when it comes to people I know in Real Time, and you have an issue with a post, communicate, don't cut me off.  Call me, text me, email me, if I know you, I like to hear from you.

My Blog is my stage -- I play a role on here that I don't play in Real Time (if you know me in Real Time, I am still a partisan, but I listen more).  Here in the Valley, I play up my own personality by 10X -- in other words, an extreme example of my own self.  

In an Election year, people's feelings get hurt very quickly (mine too!).  If I wasn't reading Liberal Blogs and magazines, then I could be accused of being closed minded.  In the battle of ideas, it helps to be open minded for all ideas. 

An example of what I'm talking about:

My friend Charly had a small issue with me comparing the Great Carnival Noir with my Southland Fundraiser.  She emailed me and explained the issue.  I went back to the post and added a semi-colon to the post, emailed it back to her.  

Guess what?

Surprise! Everyone was happy! No one gave up on each others friendship.  

I talk a lot, I am filled with ideas and strategies, but I listen too.  If I know you in Real Life, and you have an issue with my post.  CONTACT ME! 

Sometimes I text or call, I would like to hear back from you.  Muses have a special part in my life, but I shouldn't have to say that.  

Ok, back to work. I made it through the Fast till the afternoon.

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