Thursday, September 27, 2012

Winning in LA (September Song)

Sunrise over the City of Angels
In the last Election cycle (2010), I did three posts on how to flip our City from the cold hand of the Democrats to the free thinkers of RPLAC and the CAGOP.

This is post two for 2012.  And since I called it September song, here is the tune:

In fact, I already did a post about my work in the Dark (creating a basic group called Right in the Dark for Goths curious about RPLAC and CRP -- G-d, I miss the Monte Cristo!) but that one was for the Goths and for the rest of the country. 

It allowed me to shout "LA can still be in play!" 

And it still can, here is some ideas for the national, the other states and the Romney Campaign.

Ready? Let's go!

1) Once you get below the 14, the San Fernando and San Gabriel Valley's are in play.  Given the Age of Contraction and the blind eye from City Hall, where does their tax money go? West and Downtown. Out there in the desert of the Antelope, they put it together that Downtown wants their taxes but refuses to give anything in return.

David Hernandez and David Miller are running here -- support them.

2)  Are you an upcoming candidate in the next few years (Yours Truly has a decade,)?  From wherever you stand, runaway production is being created by local tax burdens.  You, Present and Future candidate, must be concerned about this.  Before you start campaigning, find friends in the guilds and ask what they need to film in LA.  

And for the candidates running now, same rule applies.  If Romney or Ryan talk about this onstage during the debates, I will be impressed. 

3) Now, regarding Romney, if he loses this Election (the polls are skewed because the Racism charge has been overused -- it is the duty of the opposition party to oppose [Randolph Churchill, Winston's Father]) it isn't because he is not fighting, its just that he has ignored a place where votes can be gotten.

If Governor Romney stops using Los Angeles as an ATM, he could win votes here.  Look at (1) -- go to the Valley's and campaign.  Or send Ryan, he looks like he can fight.  By not fighting here, Romney loses extra votes.  Any Old School Politico can see that. 

Sunset at Santa Monica

My question: Will you help our candidates in LA?

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