Thursday, September 06, 2012

The Democatic National Convention Second Night Masquerade

As I watch the Democratic National Convention, I find my INGSOC equivalencies work. 

The Convention's host is a Mayor who has ignored his own hometown;

The Convention Platform attacked Israel (just like KPFK) and then when reversed (through voter fraud --heh), there were boos. watch the video:


(I am sure Jonah Lowenfeld will find an excuse to keep Los Angeles Jews in a Political Ghetto);

Convention goers baking in their Hate (and using Godwin) against their opponents;

A media too busy basking in spas rather then asking hard questions; and

The idea of supporting Woman's issues by a Former President accused of Sexual harassment. 

I can keep going.

But the one thing to understand, if you are not an Ivy Leaguer, you don't get to run for high office. If you are you are below 30 years old, you cannot rise in the Democratic Party.

As a non-Ivy, I have power here in Los Angeles.  There is no inner/outer party like INGSOC...I mean Democrats here among the California Republicans.  You can be from anywhere and rise.

And for all those who believe in so-called "Dog Whistles," Here is a hint: They don't exist.

Only Democrats classify people by class and race.  A majority of Republicans (i.e. non-SoCon/PaulBot) do not follow the Democrats in classifying people by race or class.  

It's unAmerican!

Tonight is the last night of the Democrats masquerade, let's see what comes next....

My question: Why do Democrats hide behind a masquerade?

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