Monday, September 10, 2012

Big Thanks to the LAPD and California General for Helping my Mom!

I am behind in my Blogging work -- I know, many apologies. After 9/11, I will finish up on the last day of the DNC.  And I will focus on other issues.  I was going to spend Saturday in the Valley, but read the story below on why I couldn't get back....

Saturday, my Mom fell down and we had to take her to a hospital which had a CT scan (she is alright, yay!).

However, factor this in, here is a map of where California General hospital is:

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While my Mom was waiting to use the CT scanner, there were multiple trauma patients coming in every hour.   These trauma patients didn't suffer from a pain in the foot or a headache, most had a GSW or knife wound. And lots and lots of people who tried suicide.

Not a nice place.

Luckily, while I was keeping my Mom's mind active and busy (until I knew what the CT scan said on how bad it was -- again, she's doing OK), we made friends with some of the fine members of the LAPD Newton division.  

Here is that area on a crime map:

[Now, cometh the Political Rant:]

Check the crime map on all areas that vote Democrat.   For a Party that says "They care about the people," it was a Republican Activist asking "How do we make things better?" on a Saturday night.  When there is a dearth of ideas (i.e. One Party System), people's lives become expendable.  Don't believe me? Go to California General on a Saturday Night and tell me that lives under Democrats are getting better. 

[Political rant is over.]

Finally, thanks to all the doctors and nurses who helped my Mom.

It was a long evening/morning -- I'm still trying to catch up.

The 9/11 post is next. 

Thanks for waiting.

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