Thursday, September 20, 2012

Forget the Zombie Apocalypse! Here's How to Stop Taxamegedon!

Zombies will not walk down Hollywood Boulevard and eat our brains, but Taxameggdon is coming and business' are buckling down.  Be afraid, be very afraid.

However, Chairman Del Beccaro of the CRP understands how to get the economy moving again.

For the longest time, the Left (and Obama) have whinged about "The Bush Tax Cuts" (where even I, a lowly hourly employee, got money back from the Government,). 

If you remember back to the early 2000's, America's economy got hit by a few things:  9/11, the dot-bomb, the corruption (and prosecution) of Enron and other companies.  

How was America going to get out of it?

The Bush  Tax Cuts!

Now, with President Obama presiding over High Unemployment and low tax receipts for the Government, how do we get out of this Age of Contraction? (Well, one, vote for Governor Romney!). 

Here is Chairman Del Beccaro's answer:

"The problem facing America today is that the economy has stalled. There are many reasons given for that including: (1) too many state and federal regulations, (2) high corporate taxes, (3) high state and federal income taxes, (4) the uncertainty over the election, (5) the Obamacare taxes, (6) poor international economic conditions, (7) our national debt and more. All of those are actual reasons, to one degree or another, for the slowdown we face today.
"In a stalled economy, regardless of the cause, people’s ability and incentive to undertake risk is stalled as well. In order, to get people to take risk again, government needs to jolt them with a psychological force, otherwise known as economic incentives – to get them to change their behavior and take risk.

"There are many examples throughout all of history of governments that did just that in the face of bad conditions. In 2350 BC, a Sumerian ruler cuts taxes and regulations for his people who even had to pay a tax to get divorced. In 141 BC, the first of a series of Chinese rulers instituted tax “remissions,” i.e. cuts, for farmers whose land was hit by natural disasters. In the middle centuries, Mongul governments cut taxes for farmers whose lands were devastated by the Mongul/Chinese wars. The Roman Emperor Pertinax granted 10 years tax immunity and free land to those who would take over agricultural land abandoned because of heavy taxation."

When the GOP talks about Tax Cuts and Trickle Down economics, its worth noting that "Poor people cannot hire," If the American economy is shaky (due to the factors mentioned above), maybe the Government throwing money at it does not work.

We've given the Government Four years to make things better.  It hasn't worked.  Again, see the factors above.

Here is the Chairman's conclusion:

"Clearly, our economy is not moving – even at the Bush tax rates.

"While those rates may be low compared to some periods in the past, the fact is that economy has ground to a halt at the existing tax and regulatory levels – regardless of how those rates compared to years past.

 "We must understand that the boulder that is the U.S. economy will not simply just start rolling again. To foster a sustainable expansion of the economy and get people off unemployment and disability rolls and onto employment rolls, we have to jump start incentives. To raise tax rates on anyone or to continue our regulatory ways will only dig a deeper trench around the boulder that is our economy."

Or in short, stop worrying about the Zombie Apocalypse and keep Taxamegedon from Rising.

Again, I hope Governor Romney is listening to the California Republican Chairman. 

My question: Since President Obama's plans have not worked, what is your solution for getting the American economy started again? 

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