Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Open Letter to Dr. John Deasy, Chairman LAUSD, Part 5

Chairman Deasy,

I hope you enjoyed your summer and Labor Day, but as you know Campaign Season is coming up and you are being discussed among the Right Blogosphere and local Los Angeles Republican Activists.

My Mom was promised to be returned to Baudry (as a Senior Office tech) by July 26th -- it is now September 5th. Bring her back at full time/full pay.  And keep her happily working 6-7 years safe and secure.

If its a matter of funds, tell your six figure staffers to contribute back to the lower level workers (like my Mom and her departments)

Here is one thing that has drawn political attention:

Why are you shutting down the Special Ed department? 

If this is how "Democrats" care about those worse off, I shudder to see how you would handle the Department of Education (I would make sure the Right Blogosphere shouts very loud should you want to look for a higher job unless this is fixed ASAP).

All my Mom needs is to work year round, have her health care and and a good paycheck.  If you need another six figure person, hire my Mom.

Because my Mom is idle, she is having a rough time.


I will also be cc'ing this post to my Mom's Union to see what they need from my political people (and Blogosphere).  

Help my Mom.  That is all I ask.

Campaign season begins after President Obama finishes his speech in Charlotte.

Will you be a Political issue or will I focus on other local issues? 

Your call.



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