Saturday, September 01, 2012

September 2012 Tip Jar (with a Gothy Muse from Bollywood!)

Thanks for those who helped the Bleg -- but this is where I need the Tip Jar donations.

As always, I'm trying to raise $500 for this month.

So, please hit the Tip jar.
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Now, the beginning of the month always comes a Gothic Muse. (Well, I am a Goth!)

This month is Sonam Kapoor who has been active in Bollywood as a Romantic lead and a model.  She has also taken the Goth fashion route.  Here she is:

Sonam Kapoor
Modeling the Goth Look
Sonam Kapoor, Darkly facinating
In International Maxim
At an Awards Show
Modeling a Gothic Dress
Please follow the career of Sonam  Kapoor.

And please hit the Tip jar!

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