Sunday, April 15, 2007

The California Encyclicals -- L.A., second stanza

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Dear Todd,

Thank you for your emails. I have taken your advice. I'm also glad you have read these posts (Burbank, one and two; Los Angeles, Part One)However, the reason I'm writing these posts is because I want the Republicans to win in California. Los Angeles is important because, with a majority of the counties, and two of the three cities, California falls into the Republican camp. So far, the Republicans have the counties, here's how to win the cities:

1) To win, there must be a base to work from. Santa Clarita and the San Gabriel's do not affect the rest of L.A., the San Fernando Valley does. The CRP is in Burbank, win there and expand outward through the Valley. Once a beachhead is established, go west to the ocean.

2) 1994 is what the Republican tide is measured by. I would suggest the Republican national Committee check to see if the LACRP expanded it's reach beyond the Mayor's race and increased it's majority. If there are no signs of expansion to be seen, these officers should be thrown out and the LACRP should be controlled by the RNC Political office and the White House Office of Political Affairs. Both groups give controls to the ADC's when the Republicans own the Valley and 55% of Central L.A. and 55% of the South Bay.

3) Patronage must be a factor of bringing in the under 40's. First, there is no outreach to the under 40's in Los Angeles. Not in the Assembly District Committees, not at the LACRP, no where. What reason do most people come to LA? The Industry. If the LACRP is not reaching the new arrivals with a passionate effort to find jobs in The Industry, what are we doing? Political winners happen because they remember their town's/Congressional Districts major industry. Both the ADC's and LACRP must build networks into The Industry. Then, bring people in. No one is more loyal then when you bring them closer to their dream. However, my dream is to work in Policy with a Republican Majority Congress. I only want to light the way.

4) Finally, move the LACRP office out of Commerce. It takes an hour (or more) during rush hour to arrive from Santa Clarita, Malibu, and Long Beach. Business is done Downtown and the CRP is in Burbank. To maintain visibility, the LACRP must move:
a) Downtown
b) San Fernando Valley or,
c) Hollywood
Without the move, no one cares what the LACRP does.

Thanks for reading this.


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  1. My dear what an interesting series of posts. I forgot what it was like to read about the real world. It's nice to see that the world is still going on and that there aren't just negatives in it. You ever notice how negative all the coverage is?


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