Sunday, April 08, 2007

The California Encyclicals -- Los Angeles

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Dear Todd,

I hope you are having a good Easter. However, now that we discussed Burbank (Parts One and Two), let's focus on another problem, Los Angeles.

Since the flood, the Democrats have run the City (as well as subsequent cities of Santa Monica, Malibu and Burbank) and the Los Angeles County Republican party [LACRP]have done nothing to stem the tide.

All cities have a City Council and Mayor (i.e. a smaller version of Congress and President); where I grew up in New York City, the Democrats on the City Council were balanced by a secure group of Republicans from Staten Island. Out here in Los Angeles, the San Fernando Valley is Conservative in nature, but there is no fight for the Republicans from Burbank to Woodland Hills.

Let's even go back to the last Mayor's election: James Hahn was vulnerable to because he lost his base (opposition to secession in the S.F. Valley and firing Bernard parks angered his constituents from South Central). Who did LACRP nominate in a potential pickup election? No one. They backed Hahn.

One year earlier, LACRP were given millions of dollars to help get President Bush's election numbers in Los Angeles to 40%. Within California, there are Assembly District Committees [ADC]. These are the touchstones whereby Republicans can decide election policy. The LACRP did not free any of the funds given from National to the local ADC's. The only ones who got funds were in the San Gabriel Valley and Santa Clarita where the Republicans have already won. President Bush won only 34% in Los Angeles, not 40% as targeted. Political parties are supposed to be skilled in conversion, not elitism.

Do you know where to find the LACRP? In Commerce. Rep. Drier represents the area. Fine. Great. However, it is a trip from Santa Clarita, Long Beach, or Malibu. How can business get done if everyone spends an hour (or more) driving to the LACRP? Business is done in Downtown or even the Valley, but Commerce? Hey, there is a casino to play in, but that is not why we get into politics.

Next post is how to win in Los Angeles.


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