Tuesday, April 03, 2007

The California Encyclicals -- Burbank, Second verse

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Dear Todd,

I hope you read the the last two posts (prologue and Burbank). I also hope you are not dying of laughter by the actions of the current Speaker. First, the Democrat Congress ties General Petreaus' hands then goes on vacation? What next, an environmental Concert on the Hill?

Meanwhile, Burbank continues to work as if small business' don't make their home here, and residents don't live here. Five things that must be mentioned:

1) Parking for residents is not easy unless you have a home. My family had Passover at home and parking was tough for my sister and my friends. The Burbank Police, great department that they are, are handing out more parking tickets in residential areas. If you can't visit a friend in Burbank, why spend money here either?

2) Since my last post, Valet parking has sprung up around San Fernando Road. However, that is just like a Democratic run area -- what once was free now is taxed.

3) Another thing commonly found in Democrat run towns, two sets of rules. If you live above Glenoaks Boulevard, there is less hassle with rent, parking, and dealing with the courts. The one story every young Burbank resident tells me is how if your address is above Glenoaks, the traffic cops let you off with a warning, if you live in the flats below Victory Boulevard, the paperwork goes flying.

4) On the other side of the Burbank Mall (started before Glendale Galleria but is smaller and attracts less money then Glendale), there is an IKEA, Barnes and Noble, etc. However, two years ago, there was a Virgin records store in the complex. After the rain destroyed the roof, it took Burbank two years to find another business. Now Comp USA is leaving. And there are no Apple stores coming to sell iPods. Burbank scares business' away with the rising rent and the lack of attentiveness to it's own community. When that is solved, young people will want to move and shop here again.

5) The Burbank Leader, a newspaper about Burbank is published in Los Angeles, but written and edited in Glendale. If the Mayor of Burbank had any smarts, the Burbank leader should be published, written and edited in Burbank.

Next post, the Republicans and Los Angeles, why can't they make a good marriage?

Thanks again!



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