Thursday, April 26, 2007

The California Encyclicals -- CA, Act Three

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Dear Todd,

Thanks for sending me that email. I am taking your suggestions. Thanks for reading these posts (Prologue, Burbank 1 and 2, Los Angeles 1 and 2, California 1 and 2). There are still a few more things to help the Republicans win in California.

1) Force the California Congress of Republicans [CCR] to work with the California Republican Assembly [CRA] for 2008. Using the power of the California Republican Party, merge the two groups in time for the 2012 election.

2) Disband the California Lincoln Clubs. They have accepted money from Republicans and then turn around and back Democrats (2005 - Mayor Hahn). If they are not helping Republicans, the Lincoln Clubs shouldn't have that title. Also, because it is California, throughout each Assembly District Committees [ADC], there should be Lincoln-Reagan dinner fundraisers at all levels.

3) To all clubs, ADC's, party structures, Bring back patronage! Their is no one more loyal then someone you help along to their dream. Los Angeles has the movie industry, use that.

4) Fight on certain issues:
a) In Malibu, Rich Democrats block access to the beach to the General Public, where is the GOP to fight them?
b) The San Fernando Valley needs to see a return on its tax dollars from Downtown. Time and again, the Valley is ignored. If the GOP fights here for the Valley, it can change the whole direction of Los Angeles.
c) California has a movie star Governor, yet Movies continue to film out of state or country. If the GOP fights on this issue, it will gain a new constituency.

5) If Schwarzenegger wishes to run on the Republican ticket as a Senator, a deal must be made. The Governor must visit all the ADC's in Los Angeles and see what they need. Their support is incumbent on the Governor finding a sucessor they can back.

6) In 2005, I tried to put together an event using the Governor and President. The Federal officials were interested. The locals refused to move the Governor. Had it worked, the CRP would have made $26 Million. If you want to see the proposal, I need an email from someone who is with the Press, CAGOP, NRCC or RNC. By not supporting me, they lost $26 million.

Thanks for reading.


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