Sunday, April 22, 2007

The California Encyclicals -- CA, Act two

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Side note: I know there has been a lot of news this April. The Imus firing, Virginia Tech, the loss of the Royal Navy in Britain. After the Encyclicals are finished, I will write on each subject. First, let's cry for the end of Free Speech with Imus, Pray for the victims of Virginia Tech and discuss Her Majesties Navy later.
Dear Todd,

As I discussed in the previous letters (Burbank 1 and 2; Los Angeles 1 and 2; California 1), about California, the Republican Party at all levels is in trouble. The Powers That Be that exist out here Cannot Win. This post can be retitled: California for Republican Presidential candidates 2008 and 2012. The last post discussed the problems in the State; Here is the solution.

1) Remember this equation: 37 Counties + San Diego + Los Angeles = California in Republican's hands.

2) The California Republican Party [CRP] and a newly formed (see earlier post) Los Angeles County Republican Party [LACRP] must fight in the San fernando Valley. Until there is a base to work from, Republicans should not worry about the Mayor or Board of Supervisors. However, Statewide, the Republicans must have a majority on the Board of Equalization [BOE].

3) Speaking of the BOE, Glen Forsch ran citywide in District 4 (Los Angeles). President Bush had 35% in 2004 -- Forsch had 27% in 2006. Which means the CRP, LACRP, the California College of Republicans [CCR] and the CRA could not field a candidate in the Los Angeles City limits. I only saw one billboard of Forsch's in Koreatown. One. No Television Ads, no mailings. rather then build on the 35% already established, Los Angeles Republicans have to work with 27%.

4) Bring Hugh Hewitt out of Orange County into the San Fernando Valley every election cycle until it is taken. He should interview every candidate for the Assembly District Committees [ADC's] and the LACRP until the State is in Republican hands. If the battle is not in the streets and freeways of the Valley, the Republicans are not fighting for victory.

I have another post of solutions. Remember the equation and keep reading!



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