Thursday, April 19, 2007

The California Encyclicals -- California

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Dear Todd,

Now we are in the last part of these Posts. Having dealt with the Burbank (One and Two), Los Angeles (One and Two), now we focus on the State.

The last major election that the California Republican party won was the Recall Election of 2003. Even though it was a "Special Election", the Republicans haven't won a normal election since 1994. In 2007, Governor Schwarzenegger has abandoned his role as Party Leader to work on the Democratic Party agenda. There has been no real Senate race since 1998. How did this happen?

The last time the Republicans had the majority in the Assembly was 1994-1995 and before that for a year and a half in 1970. The last full secure majority was from 1943 - 1958. What happened to cause the break of a secure majority to a slim (if any) majority? In 1958, the moderates broke from the California Republican Assembly (not to be confused with the California State Assembly Republican caucus), an umbrella organization for volunteers around the state (which has now become the de facto Conservative Organization)[CRA] to form the California Congress of Republicans (not to be confused with the California College Republicans), [CCR] a moderate group.

The Democrats have been able to exploit this break to win a majority since 1970. What is known about the CCR's is they do not play well with the CRA; they do not reach out to the under-40's; none of their members ever heard the word Patronage to help out their cause; members of the CCR will support a Democratic Candidate rather then a candidate who won with backing from the CRA; these are the Country Club Republicans of old.

Newt Gingrich won the majority in the House in 1994 by challenging the Country Club Republicans in the House before ascending to the Leadership. The CCR's expect much from the Assembly District Committee's [ADC] but never give volunteers, money or candidates in return to help the cause. Until the CCR's learn to work (and possible merge back) with the CRA, the Republicans will be in a permanent defensive crouch in California.

How did we lost the Governor? He put together a Special Election in 2005 to change the status quo in California. Between the weak showing of support by the Los Angeles County Republican party, and the lack of effort by the CCR's, it failed. Since it was "cooler" to be among the Democratic Majority in the State, he took the Republican Designation but left the Party high and dry in 2007. The Governor has no Republican Successor, there are no Senate candidates in the wings (and if the Governor runs against Senator Boxer, it will be as a Liberal Republican vs. a Liberal Democrat), and no one looking to rebuild the majority here. For any Republican Presidential candidate to win here, they need to read the next post.


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