Thursday, March 29, 2007

The California Encyclicals -- Burbank

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Dear Todd,

I hope the un-democratic Democratic Congress is treating your office well. At least when the Republicans ran things, the Democrats were allowed to bring bills and Amendments to the floor. By the way, did you read the prologue? Good. Now let me explain why Burbank is going the way of Asbury Park.

Even though the city has a secure tax base from Burbank Airport, Warner Brothers Studio and NBC, the city neglects it's small business' and residents. Since January, I have noticed as rents and the price of homes began rising, more people are leaving. If you drive above Glenoaks Boulevard or across any street below Victory Boulevard, there are more "FOR RENT" or "FOR SALE" signs across town. There is always a price for extra security, and the Burbank Police are one of the better forces in Los Angeles, but the price is also taking away local residents who have lived here for years. Unfortunately, to make up for the dying residential tax base, I have seen more tickets being offered around town.

For a slew of small business' along San Fernando Road, they are losing revenue as the city continues to build. Last year, the city tore down the AMC 12 and it's parking structure and put up the AMC 16 and is putting up condominiums . The one thing the city forgot was parking spaces. Now, I have no qualms if a city wishes to make money (I am a Republican after all), but the Democratic majority City Council wishes to give their support to the big business' only (not unlike Microsoft only supporting Democratic candidates) to the detriment of small business and residents, that ain't kosher.

To top it off, this is the base of the California Republican Party. There is no outreach to Republicans under 40, there is no Republican representation at any level. But I'll tell you more in my next letter.


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