Thursday, March 22, 2007

Does anyone know how to play this game?

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According to The Politico, the Democrats in the House cannot get bills passed. In the House, Majority does rule. In the Senate, only one member needs to block a bill or nominee. The Gang of 14 was created in the Senate to move the Judicial Process along (which is an aftereffect of Bork).

Let's recap: The Democrats have 233 members in the House, the GOP has 201. It takes 218 votes in the House to pass any bill. In the Senate, there is exactly 49 seats even for both parties with 2 independents who caucus with the Democrats. Tim Johnson (D-SD) is in the hospital (I wish him well and to return soon), and the Vice President can cast a deciding vote. So, 48 Dems 49 Reps and 2 Ind (who vote D) and the V.P. (who votes R), in the Senate. To win a vote on a bill, 51 votes. To beat a Filibuster: 60 votes.

The Iraq Bill is being bogged down by logrolling and they couldn't get the votes to get the DC Vote passed. Simple majority needed and it couldn't get done under Pelosi's leadership. I predict that a regicide in the Democrats will happen if they can't get anything done. Will Hoyer take her place?

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  1. If a regicide occurs within the Democratic party. I doubt Hoyer or Murtha will be placed in positions of power or control.

    The conservative wing of the party the old guard Blue Dog Democrats from the South will attempt to wrest control from the more liberal wing of the party.

    Pelosi success depends on keeping the liberal Democrats wihle, appeasing to the maximum possible extent the conservative Democracts, moderates, and liberal Republicans.


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