Friday, March 23, 2007


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Two players have moved their pawns and knights around two separate boards, but they play on the 64 squares of Geopolitics.

When you play Chess, the goal of the game is to trap the King. Pieces move diagonally and horizontally; some are sacrificed, others play offense or defense. Between Speaker Pelosi and the Democrats on one board, and the Iranians on the other, the question becomes what is their Endgame?

The Iranians took Naval Personnel from the HMS Cornwell. They claimed that the ship was in disputed waters. Right now, the Iranians lost the Russians help with their Nuclear Reactor and they are not in good standing with the world community. How does threatening Israel, threatening the UK, not paying the Russians equal a foreign policy of a peaceful nation? Unlike China, they do not want to become an Economic power; Unlike North Korea, the Iranians do not want money (they have their oil funds). What do they want? The Iranians want to become the Primary Pan-Arabic nation since Nasser.

Meanwhile on the home front, Speaker Pelosi barely passed the Iraq Supplemental Bill. For the past three years, the Democrats have been against the Iraq war. Fine. But what is their plans? Most Democrats think that 9/11 is a conspiracy. For twenty years, Afghanistan was the base for the Al Queda. Israel was the Proving Ground. By bringing the fight to Iraq, that is the terrorists new Proving Ground. The democrats say "Leave Iraq," Will the terrorist organizations (NGO's all) stop attacking soft targets in Israel or the United States? What is the Democratic parties Endgame on the War on terror? And wouldn't they have problems with Iran?

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