Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Who is the Institutionalist?

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There is something wafting in the political air that bothers me. It's outgrowth allows a comedian, Bill Maher, to say he wishes our Vice President dead, as well as the numerous commentators at the Huffington Post. No apologies or regrets from either.

When I read The Ambition and the Power by John M. Barry, what really struck me was a line about Former House Ways and Means Chairman Dan Rostonkowski. To paraphrase, he might have disagreed with Ronald Reagan but he still believed in the institution of the Presidency that Reagan carried with him.

At any given time, there is only:

1 President
1 Vice President
1 Majority Leader of the Senate
1 Speaker of the House
9 Supreme Court Justices

The United States Constitution created all of these jobs (Speaker and Majority Leader through the Article One branch itself), and even when someone I despise (Clinton, Pelosi, Reid, Ginsberg) inhabits these positions, I do not wish for their demise, only that they become frustrated pushing their views.

This door was opened for Bill Maher and the HuffPos back with the Impeachment of Nixon, "the Bloody 8Th," and Bush v. Gore lawsuit. What do all of these equal? The Temple of Democracy being brought down around our ears.

I consider myself an Institutionalist:(N) Someone who respects the institutions of Government and Social protocols.

The modern Democratic Party (1972- Present) wishes to tear down each instition in Government that is not owned by them Despise the President, I can debate you. Wish for his death and I will fight you. I detested Clinton, but I never wished for his demise. When I lived in DC pre-impeachment, the high levels of Republican staffers used to say, "Even if Clinton is Impeached, at least there is a President Gore." meaning simply: we distrust President Clinton, Gore will be fine if Clinton steps down. Because the Democrats attacked the GOP in the House and at the ballot box, the radicals in our party became mainstream.

My curse onto the Democrats out there: Despise President Bush ,but do not wish him or Cheney harm or the Democratic party will go the way of the Whigs.


  1. There's always going to be that sort of thing on both sides of the aisle. Just some basic browsing on freerepublic.com could turn up plenty of examples of republicans wishing harm on Clinton, Pelosi and a whole host of current and previously elected Democrats. Yet you act as if Democrats are the only ones who ever get angry enough about politics to wish harm on the other side. That's just silly.

  2. Jason, everytime a Republican partisan says something over the line, it seems a mass mea culpa is enforced by the Left and it's allies in the Press. When the HuffPos and Bill Maher wished ill upon Dick Cheney, I remember Arianna's non-apology apology and no one from the Left standing up to Bill Maher to tell him he's wrong. Where are the boycots of Bill Maher and the Huffington Post from Left? When that happens, then I will join in the mea culpas.

  3. "Enforced by the left and it's allies in the press?" Last time I heard, the press doesn't have the power to enforce anything. It's up to whomever happens to put their foot in their mouth whether they buckle under the pressure to do as others demand of them, stand by their words, or just offer no comment. But it works better politically for republicans to buckle under the pressure and then play the victim card. Look at how unfair it is! The big bad lefties are oppressing us!

  4. But you cannot say the posters at HuffPo and Bill Maher are good people for wishing for the death of Dick Cheney. Unless you really think that. Where is Bill Maher's Mea Culpa? Where is Arianna's? Do you stand for the death of your opponents in institutions that Democrats don't own? If so, then you would have made a great SS man.

  5. JSF, your commentary about the Whigs could also be applied to the Federalists because of their organization of the Hartford Convention, and their opposition to the War of 1812 destroyed the party.


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